Oeil de Lotus Oracle Readings
Oracle Readings

This beautiful 55 cards oracle created by Colette and Gerard Lougarre talks to me in an amazing way and after having used it with very precise results for many years for myself, my close family and my friends, I have decided to make this service available to my human family.

The Lotus symbolizes wisdom that is the essence of this game. It includes numerological knowledge and responds appropriately to our questions. This deck helps anyone looking to understanding the difficulties of their lives, and the obstacles they face in order to progress in the future. This is not a tarot but an oracle that I use in conjunction with another oracle, the Sun Oracle also created by Colette and Gerard Lougarre which complements it and refines the given information. This information gives us a vision of situations to come and especially points out to behaviors to adopt or to avoid with great relevance. This is a very good tool to make decisions before putting them into action.

Sometimes I confirm the findings with the Runes and the pendulum.

The readings are available in English and in French.

The fee: 40 payable by Paypal, for about 1 hour reading by Skype or by phone. To make an appointment, please contact me by e-mail at kolaimni@gmail.com.