Kolaimni – Receiving the Healing Light

I was trained as a Certified Kolaimnist by Mechi Garza in 1996 and I used this healing technique with great success to help my family and close friends ever since.

I found it especially useful when our daughter dislocated her knee and had 6 months of rehab. She was in pain every night and Kolaimni brought her great relief. I worked on her for 15 mn every evening.  She loved it and called it her « Novocaine shot » for it did take the pain away. I also used it for my parents, especially on my father to relieve the pain from bone cancer in terminal phase.

Then in January of 2011, I decided to extend this service to my world family. In October 2011, I received my Kolaimni Level One Instructor Certificate and in October 2013 I received my Kolaimni Level Two Instructor Certificate. In 2016 I became Instructor Trainer for Kolaimni 1 and 2.

I invite you to also visit http://www.healingwithkolaimni.com/

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