Learning to give Kolaimni has been one of the most significant things in my life  and I sincerely feel that each family should have one member who has been trained in this skill. It allowed me to block colds, sore throats and earaches from developing for my children,  to help twisted ankles to heal faster, to relieve backaches and headaches, tension, heartaches and sore feet. Of course, we still saw the doctor whenever necessary and it should always be that way, but it was and still is a rare occurrence. 

So I feel that it is my duty to make this wonderful skill available to all who wish to learn it for the well being of their family and loved ones, themselves included.

Everybody is able to learn and practice Kolaimni successfully. Sometimes people wonder if they have this ability. The answer is YES! We are all made of the field of energy that we use during Kolaimni and as such we all have access to it, If we learn how to use it, we will be successful. When we question this fact it is as if a drop of water questioned its own ability to be wet.

I received all my teacher training and certification from Mechi in 2011 and 2013:

Kolaimni Level One Instructor

 Kolaimni Level Two Instructor

and my training and certification from her as well in 1996 and 2011:

Kolaimni Level One Practitioner

Kolaimni Level Two  Practitioner

and in 2015

Kolaimni 1 and 2 Instructor Trainer

I am open to going to other locations in the US or in Europe in order to teach as long as there is a group wanting to learn. I can teach in French or in English.

In order to plan for such an event, please Contact me.

In order to respect the guidance Mechi Garza received for teaching this technique, she  specifically recommends that Kolaimni be taught during a 20-hour course, preferably taking place over a weekend, including a follow-up session. This is how she taught me and therefore, out of respect for the purity of the teaching, this is the format that I use for all Kolaimni workshops.


Kolaimni 1 Workshops


Kolaimni 2 Workshops


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Kolaimni 2 Workshop Fairfield, IA Feb 2015

Kolaimni 2 Workshop Fairfield, IA Feb 2015


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