Kolaimni 1 Workshops

Kolaimni 1 workshop in Pennsilvania will resume after the summer




On July 5th: 18-21,  July 6: 9-17, July 7: 9-17

Where: Doula Center

Address: Ulitsa Nikitina, 5 ?, Tomsk, Tomskaya oblast’, Russia, 634050

Taught by Anna Romanenko

Contact: anna_romanenko@hotmail.com

Course description for the Kolaimni 1 Training:

During a Kolaimni 1 training workshop the students learn how to perform and give the basic Kolaimni treatment also known as Kolaimni Level 1 and a number of other Kolaimni modalities: emotional healing, distance healing, energy for self and others, relief from worrying, and mood swings, pain reduction technique and more.

Students receive instructions, demonstrations and a lot of practice. By the end of the workshop every student is able to successfully use all the techniques they have learned.

After a couple of weeks following the Training Workshop during which the students have practiced Kolaimni and done a very reasonable amount of practice assignments, students and teacher meet again and have a questions and answers and sharing of experiences session. Upon completion of the assignments, they get their certificate.

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video presentation on line 

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Returning Kolaimni practitioners who are taking the class as a review receive a 50% discount and are asked to bring their own handbook.

On-line-registration at Registration Form is MANDATORY