Kolaimni 2 Workshops

Kolaimni 2 – Part 1

Fairfield Special Discounted Rate: $108 +$20 for the handbook

Three-day workshop  in Fairfield, Iowa,

March 23, 24 25, 2018 at the Public Library

7pm to 9pm on Friday and 9am to 4:30pm on Saturday and Sunday

Regular Course fees are: $175 for the weekend +$20 for the handbook.

Returning Kolaimni practitioners who are taking the class as a review receive a 50% discount and are asked to bring their own handbook.

On-line-registration at Registration Form is MANDATORY

Course description for the Kolaimni 2 workshops:

The original Kolaimni 2 manual is such an enormous amount of knowledge to absorb in just one weekend that, with Mechi’s permission, it has been separated into two volumes.

Kolaimni 2 – Part 1 includes techniques from the original Kolaimni 2 manual intended to help with high blood pressure, fear, depression, emotional pain, emotional burden, warm blooded animals, and a technique that allows to give absentee Kolaimni to several people at once. Other modalities given to me directly by Mechi or extracted from other publications by Mechi (Healing Karmic Pain, Gaia Connection) have been added to this class. They include visualization and breathing exercises, blessings for coming into and leaving this Earth plane, blessing and cleansing a home and several other techniques related to our Mother Earth.

Kolaimni 2 – Part 2 focuses exclusively on learning and practicing all the techniques that require working with the hands of Light directly inside the body.