Distance Session – Absentee Healing

Now that I have explained that the only active « agent » in this healing modality is the Primordial Universal Light, it is very easy to understand that Kolaimni can be given and received from a distance.

Indeed, at the most refined level of our  physical reality we too are the Light, simply because at this level there is nothing else. And in this universal Light, ALL is connected.

So instead of : « How do you do it? this is unbelievable! » we should think : « How could we possibly not be connected? »

Separation is a nasty illusion that has brought about lots of misery to mankind. Connection and unity are the ultimate reality of what physicists call the field, this is the reality of the Light and that is why a person can receive Kolaimni  with the same great benefits from a Kolaimni practitioner who is physically on the other side of the planet.


« Time and space are modes by which we think and not conditions in which we live »

Albert Einstein



How to procede for a distance healing:

When a person asks to receive a distant healing,  the Kolaimnist and the person agree on the time of treatment.

At the selected time, the person lies down if it is physically possible and rests for about an hour and a half. On the average, a full treatment takes  50 minutes to 1:15 minutes. It is strongly advised to rest after Kolaimni and to allow oneself to sleep if the need arises. It is also advisable to drink one or two glasses of water during the few hours following the session if possible unless the person falls asleep for the whole night. This sometimes can happen when the Kolaimni is given in the evening. In this case it is recommended to prepare for the night before the treatment starts. If the person falls asleep, there is no need to get up and brush one’s teeth or get into night clothes. The kind of sleep that we get during or after a Kolaimni treatment is very restful and it should be respected as much as possible.

When the treatment starts it is best to just let go, we don’t try to focus on anything, to stay awake,  to control anything. It is best to have no intention or expectation, we just let go and take things as they come in a simple and innocent way.

Later in the day or the next day, the person calls the kolaimni provider to share experiences and take it from there.

If the person has a particular condition it is good to mention it before the session, but if for any reason the person does not want to share this information, it does not matter, the treatment will be effective just the same. Sometimes when a person asks for a Kolaimni to ease a particular situation, it can happen that the Light will focus elsewhere, on a  more fundamental need of the patient. We can never know in advance.

The person may send a picture to the Kolaimnist. But this is not an obligation, it is not necessary, Kolaimni  works just as well with and without picture, but some Kolaimni providers enjoy working like that whenever possible.

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Distance Session – Absentee Healing

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