There is NEVER a fee for Kolaimni and there can NEVER be one.

Let me explain how it works and why.

Kolaimni is a gift of life, not a merchandise, it can only be given.

When given as an outpour of light and life, it has an extremely high frequency. Money, on the other end has a low vibration.

To have a material value attached to it at the time it is given can only bring the frequency down, pulling it into the materiel.

Yet, AFTER the Kolaimni has been GIVEN freely and without expectation of anything in return, the Kolaimni practitioner is allowed to receive a donation if the receiver wishes to express gratitude in this manner.

Some people feel very uncomfortable to always receive and never be able to give back and would not want to ask for a Kolaimni session, even if they need it badly, unless they can somehow « gift the practitioner back ».

So, after the session,  the kolaimnist is allowed to accept a gift coming from the heart of the recipient,

This system creates and sends a double impulse of radiating nurturing love out into the universe. First from the heart of the Kolamnist when he or she GIVES out the gift of Kolaimni and then from the heart of the receiver when he or she in turn expresses warm appreciation and thankfulness through a donation. In fact all exchanges of service and merchandise should generate these feelings, it is much more fulfilling and life supporting than what we usually feel  when we pay our bills…

This is also a more spiritual and traditional way of doing things. In all traditions and cultures in the world the medicine men and medicine women always take care of EVERYONE without distinction of resources. On the other hand, the members of the tribes who could do it, made sure that the healer was free of material concerns and was available for the well-being of their community.

Donations can be made in cash, through PayPal, money orders or by checks (I have a US account for donations in US dollars and a French account for donations in euros).

“I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver.”

-Maya Angelou-

« Before giving, the mind of the giver is happy; while giving, the mind of the giver is made peaceful; and having given, the mind of the giver is uplifted. »

-Buddha –

So, if someone tries to charge you a fee for a Kolaimni session,

be aware that, due to the very nature of Kolaimni, 

it cannot possibly be the real thing.

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