Free techniques


In this program we offer you a few Kolaimni techniques that can be passed on to you outside of the framework of a full three-day workshop.

This includes a procedure for SLOWING DOWN TIME, meant to allow us to stretch time whenever we feel that we cannot fit in a specific amount of time what we have to accomplish.

The second one is a PAIN REDUCTION TECHNIQUE aiming at releasing pain in specific areas of the body.

HEALING THE EARTH is the last technique taught in this episode.


In this episode we will experience together two exercises that I have learned from my Kolaimni teacher, Mechi Garza.

The first one is a VISUALISATION EXERCISE that allows us to perceive the deeper reality of an object, (an orange in this case). The value of this exercise is to broaden and develop a different kind of perception, to train our senses differently so they may grow to give us a truer « vision » of the world around us.

The second one is a BREATHING EXERECISE that is extremely calming and which can be of great use whenever we might be challenged and are in a situation that does not offer us the privacy we might need to practice a short meditation for example.
These are simple, practical techniques that I invite you to include in your tools for a better Life.