Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked Questions


Q: How is Kolaimni different from Reiki?

A: I am frequently asked if Kolaimni and Reiki are similar. Some people by seeing this video conclude that they are two very close techniques. That’s not the case.

I have never practised Reiki myself but I gave  Kolaimni sessions to people  who are used to receiving Reiki and I also taught Kolaimni to Reiki masters.
All these people  have had the same reaction. Thus I pass on  their impressions without reservations:

• « Kolaimni is very different from Reiki as much when we receive it as when we give it. Reiki will give you energy, Kolaimni will let you access a zone of extremely profound peace and relaxation in which you can actually heal. It also can give you energy but afterward. »

• Anne, one of my pupils who is a home health aid and who learnt Kolaimni the previous month, worked twice on a 72-year-old lady who has been a Reiki master for many years. After receiving Kolaimni she told Anne that Kolaimni was much more powerful than Reiki.

 • All of them also said that Kolaimni is more powerful yet at the same time gentler than Reiki. Finally they summarized these differences in the following sentence:  » Reiki is something that we do, Kolaimni is something we are « .

• Here is also a rather comprehensive  answer from S.G to the question:  » Are Kolaimni and Reiki similar?

« Several years ago I was trained in Reiki Usui to the 2nd degree and very recently in Kolaimni. It is true that these techniques are completely different. Even if the result in its purpose is similar: to bring to the person an improvement of his (her) problem or more; the healing from Kolaimni comes in a different way. It is necessary to practice both techniques to experience the difference, it is difficult to explain with words. Now for me, and this is my personal interpretation, with Reiki we channel energy and with Kolaimni we diffuse light, I think that the biggest difference is situated in the egregore with which both techniques are related. The egregore of Reiki is older and it is fed by various currents of less than perfect purity because of certain greedy people who used it. The more recent egregore of Kolaimni (in 1981 if I am correct) did not exprience this « degradation » because it does not include the notion of money. In any case, I notice to my biggest surprise, the difference of power and the feedback from some people whose experience with Kolaimni is very strong. Reiki and Kolaimni are different tools to be used according to what we feel. As for myself today, I am more attracted by Kolaimni, because the protocols are clear, easy to implement and very well suited to what we want to accomplish. « 

Since all these people always gave me the same information, the same feedback without any exception, I conclude that their perception is accurate and I pass it on to you  in confidence. This is not intended to put Reiki down for it certainly has its value, these are simply the conclusions of those who are in a position to give knowledgeable feedback. Kolaimni and Reiki are as different as a strawberry is from a banana, yet they have some similarities by being both fruits. It is true that the tool is similar, but it is used in a different way, and the experience and results are quite different. »


Q: I really appreciate receiving Kolaimni, I want to give something to my Kolaimnist, what should I give?

A: As explained before, there is only one rule:

There is NEVER a fee for Kolaimni and there can NEVER be one. The reward of the Kolaimnist is the improvement of the patient. Yet, if AFTER the Kolaimni has been GIVEN, the receiver really wants to give a gift to the Kolaimnist, the practitioner is allowed to accept it.

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Q: I need a Kolaimni session but I do not want to receive it and give nothing in return, yet at this point my resources are such that I cannot give anything.

A: This is understandable, yet Kolaimnists are here to help, they want to be asked to give Kolaimni.

The results from Kolaimni are so wonderful that the true reward for a Kolaimnist is to see the patient feel better, it is the awe they feel when all kind of pains just disappear to be replaced by relief and joy. Their true reward is also in the blessing of working in and with the Light, it is a most wonderful experience that the Kolaimnists deeply cherish. The reward of the Kolaimnist is the healing of the patient and the experience of Unity with the Light.

So, please do not hesitate to ask for help whether you can give something in return or not. 


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