Kolaimni and Animals

Kolaimni and animals 


Testimonials from Kolaimnists:

Hi Marie-Helene, I have a wonderful testimonial about my little dog. He is 17 years old and doesn’t have the best eyesight anymore. He came up our long stairway to our deck and when he got to the top he fell off the last stair to the bricks below. He had a swelling on his rib cage and couldn’t move without intense pain. This was very late at night, so past veterinary hours. He couldn’t walk forward or even lay down to sleep and was trembling. I asked my husband to join me and give him a Kolaimni treatment. After about 20 min he layed down and fell asleep. The next morning he got up off his little dog bed and walked into the kitchen like nothing happened! He has trouble jumping up onto the couch or anything higher than a foot and still has a little swelling on his right rib cage, but an amazing recovery! J.Y Seattle


« After the initiation into Kolaimni, I put into practice this method of care to relieve my family, my circle of acquaintances and my animals; indeed, while stroking one of my cats, I felt a small ball on the nape of her neck which seemed to grow from day to day. I thus transmitted the Light to her according to the Kolaimni technique, three or four times, punctually.

I had to leave home for a surgical operation, so I stopped the healings. Upon my return, a few weeks later, I caress the cat and oh wonder! The small ball had disappeared. What an joy!

D.D.M – Saintes – France


I have news about the beautiful mare Susi, to whom I gave another Kolaimni since my last email. Her problem to the throat was returning every three weeks (I’ve since learned), and since  I gave her the second Kolaimni, a couple of months ago, it did not return ….

I gave another Kolaimni to a  and during the healing I felt that my hand were guided to do it differently than the way you taught me, that is to say that my hands did not move up from the    paw, or from tail to head (for the belly) but the reverse, because I really felt I had to « remove » something to return it to Earth. I « listened » my hands, and I now await the results. But I know what I felt.

So now I truly « realized »  what « obedience » in « Peace, purity, obedience » means. The results are there and I have no doubt about Kolaimni. It’s « something » wonderful, that carries a lot of love.

Thank you, 100 +++++++ power.
Kolaimni is changing my life. Above all, it clearly changes the lives of the animals to whom it is given.
In fact, there are no words to express the love that happens when you give a Kolaimni. You know, I told you I was skeptical, I had my doubts. Today I have none left anymore. I just do it, and that’s it.

What a joy !!!

From C.C – Brittany – France, May 2016