Testimonials from Kolaimni Course Participants

What Course Participants say about this training and their experiences giving Kolaimni:

Testimonial from C. who took the Kolaimni 1 workshop one month ago; when we taught how to practice the distance healing, three students worked on her sister who lives on a different continent; a few days later one of the teachers teamed up with C and another new student and gave her sister a second session. After that, the teachers gave C a simple daily protocol to practice on her sister. These two texts are the « before and after » reports from C:

One day after the first group Kolaimni session:
« I spoke with my sister Sunday night after the healing, she was emotionally disturbed, showing hate, and cursing her ex-boyfriend for all the verbal abuse that she received from him. I notice that, it was positive since some bad emotions were coming out.

But, she still needs help, she is taking tranquilizer and sleeping pills, today she bought an antidepressant that she used to take in the past, she does not have any energy to start something for herself that will change her situation, she feels weak, she cannot see any future, and is in negative mood. She does not smile, sometimes she is forcing that, she is smoking more, cries when she explains what she is feeling…….

She saw two physiologists before and also a psychiatrist not long ago, but the treatment did not help, because she just wants a pill that will help her feel better, her will is very weak. After 5 years of verbal abuse she does not have any confidence in herself. She broke up with her boyfriend 2 years ago, but cannot recuperate. She goes every day to have lunch and dinner at my mother’s house because she does not want to be alone, but looks like a zombie, and is full of negativity and depression.
She also has problems with hyperthyroidism. C. »

Four weeks later:
« Dear Marie Helene and Leslie,

Hope you are doing well!! I just wanted to write and say THANK YOU!! My sister is doing great, she is feeling better. Started a salsa class and it going to start theater classes in January.
She went back to been herself, with hope for the future and attending her work with more energy. She is very grateful to Leslie, since she did the full Kolaimni last time. If you need to tell this story you are welcome to do it.

May God bless you both! Much love and appreciation!! C. »

We had a GREAT course! Seventeen students and two instructors! Here are two testimonials:
I enjoyed the workshop. It’s content, flow and venue were excellent. When I first heard of Kolaimni, I purchased the instruction manual online, and planned to teach myself. But I’m glad to have taken the 3-day workshop. The depth of knowledge and experience gained in the workshop could not have been gained on my own.
Kolaimni is a God-send, and I’m grateful for the privilege to promote it. –KS

Another course review: « This was my first time experiencing Kolaimni. I found it very useful, easy to do and not harmful. It was very impressive to discover that something so simple, can have a great effect in your health and in your Self!! It made my appreciate how Nature is always giving us tools to improve and progress in this life. Thanks to all of the practitioners that are making this a better world! Regarding the course, I found it easy, relaxing and full of knowledge. » C.C


Course review from the Kirkland (WA) workshop October 2017:
« I was introduced to Kolaimni through hearing Marie-Helene on a local radio show. Her words about the practice of Kolaimni resonated with me immediately and I knew I had to get in contact with her. I had to wait many months for Marie-Helene to bring the course to my area and it exceeded my expectations! It was a wonderful weekend with beautiful people. Marie-Helene did a superb job of conveying the teaching of Kolaimni and getting us into the practice of it right away. I feel very privileged to have been taught this very simple method of healing. I look forward to the many opportunities that come my way to share the healing light. Since then I’ve been practicing Kolaimni in my household and some distance also. My husband’s skin cancer surgery site improved immediately and he had very encouraging doctor’s appointment yesterday. » J.Y



Course evaluation for the Kolaimni 1 training workshop that took place in Annecy (France) July 2017

By Sté Fania
I come to share my experience about my workshop kolaimni 1 at the end of July in Annecy ..(France)
A perfect context, a place conducive to the course and beautiful encounters ..
An outstanding instructor.
I enrolled in this course out of curiosity. In the past I have used magnetism, and today I only take care of myself through parallel medicine (homeo, acupuncture, plants, hypnosis, Reiki etc …), so it was natural for me me to attend this workshop. But above all, I was wondering:  » can I also provide well-being to others? »
From the first day of the course, from the very first hours when the workshop began, I knew and felt deep inside me that I was where I was supposed to be at that very precise moment, that echoed in me.
On the second day we discover each other a little better and there we open up, we feel that things are brewing, rise to the surface ..
Because first and foremost this course is a real work on oneself. Releases, Challenges and Awareness.
I did not want to let go of anything or show any of my wounds, but the fact that I was keeping them inside prevented me from fully experiencing this course.
Third and last day, it was too strong in me and I let out everything, I could not go against what was happening in me .. it was a huge relief and once this weight released I enjoyed better from the moment T. Except it was the last day and so I’m staying with the feeling of not having been able to make the most of it .. One or two more days would have been great ..
Concretely for me, there has been a before and a after kolaimni .. Everything is different today ..
When we return to our daily life we ??feel a little lost at first, a little disoriented with our kolaimni experience. It was so intense for 3 days, humanly that personally it takes a while to get back to our habits ..
Except that now kolaimni is part of my daily life and I know that I am not alone, and that we are all a big family ..
Looking forward to doing the Kolaimni 2 .



Course evaluation for the Kolaimni 1 training workshop that took place at the Abbaye aux Dames in Saintes, France on October 14, 15 and 16 2016.

It is difficult to give an evaluation of the course because you have to live it, feel it and the words may not reflect what I would like to express.

Kolamni represents what I was missing. A new dimension with the feeling of being connected, bathed in the universal light.

The training place was beautiful, suitable for peace and meditation. I felt a great energy, a great power. It is as if we were isolated from the outside world, as in a bubble. Sleeping on location was a plus because it allowed me to be bathed in this energy throughout the weekend.

The knowledge transmitted by Marie Hélène was up to what I expected. Even more. I am aware of having received a treasure.

How it was transmitted: organization and relaxation at the same time. structured course but also very flexible.

I liked the immediate practice. We started practicing almost right away and that’s very good, it is different from many trainings during which one is often lost in the theory before practicing. But kolaimni is not a classical training for sure. I felt guided through the course, never alone. Knowledge was given with kindness and lots of love.

The whole atmosphere was very good, qnd relaxed. I felt at ease with everyone from the beginning, sharing as if we knew each other.

Practice seemed easier than what I expected. I enjoyed giving and receiving healings.

I have the feeling of having been guided to kolamni, of having received a gift. It’s a privilege.

Thank you to Lothar, Mechi and Marie Helene for her generosity and the beautiful light she radiates.

Not to mention Carine (assistant) who especially accompanied and supported me during these unforgettable days.



Testimonial from P.F.D

During a walk on the beach, one of my friends fell. Since she has fragile knees, she was in pain and the joint began to swell. I gave her a Kolaimni healing right on the spot. 24 hours later, the knee was operational again. In every new experience, it is very moving to witness the power of the Light. I feel useful!

Testimony from Patricia who learnt Kolaimni a little over a month before giving this Kolaimni session:

« Last week I gave Kolaimni to a friend.

For quite a long time she had a weight, like a ball, which felt heavy on the back of her head. During the healing she fell profoundly asleep (she was snoring) and when the healing was finished I gave her some time to come back among us.

She said: » Waouhhh! It is strange but I feel good, light and especially I do not have this ball behind my head any more. I can move my head to the right as to the left « 

She is delighted and so am I. Thank you again for this magnificent teaching. »

Romorantin Mai2015c


Reports of the Kolaimni training course of May 15-17, 2015 that took place in Romorantin (France)

The training course took place at L.R.’s, in a comfortable house integrated into a soothing environment, which allowed us to be in communion with Nature. It was a particularly suited environment to the apprenticeship of a healing technique in connection with the Light.

I am proud and happy to have been lucky enough to learn this method that allows me to connect with the Light for my own good( and to help others (with their agreement) to connect one’s energies to the Light of Love and of Healing.

The training dispensed by Marie-Hélène included a balance of theory and practice. Although we were in odd number, every healing modality was given and received. Feedback was systematically given.

The internship took place in a joyful atmosphere a balance of good mood and seriousness. These few apprenticed rich hours and the rich sharing remain deeply engraved in my memory.

I practiced regularly after this training course, especially at remotely, alone or as a group. The sensations I experienced and the successful returns I got from the receivers are very rewarding.

I had previously learnt techniques of magnetism and reiki I can assert today that Kolaimni resonates deeply in me, I feel a special closeness with Kolaimni…

Thanks to Lothar, Mechi and Marie-Hélène to have welcomed me into your family!


 » Delightful weekend which makes appreciate the present moment. Thanks to you all. « S.G.
 » This weekend was fantastically magic!  » F.M.
 » We are enchanted with our weekend with you!  » L.R.



Here are several Course Evaluations of the Kolaimni 1 training Workshop (in May, 2015) that took place at the Abbaye aux Dames in Saintes (France).

 » For me, the discovery of Kolaimni passed at first by the discovery of this magnificent place where The workshop was given. A place filled with serenity and steeped in history, a place where I felt good at once. I felt a good energy within this group, people avid to discover something, to discover (as I was) why they had felt the urge to attend this training course; what fate (or not?) made them come to this place.

Thanks to you Marie Hélène who knew at once how to make us comfortable by finding the right words to explain us that Kolaimni is accessible to everybody, right away we were able to test this  » technique of care « . After some practical exercises to connect to the Energy, we fast returned into the heart of the matter, with a Kolaimni healing done on a partner, after you demonstrated it to us on a person. Thanks to the simplicity of your explanations and to your listening, thanks to your presence and your availability to answer all our questions, thanks to the simple examples and anecdotes on your practitioner’s real-life experience; you knew how to reassure us into our own practice.

What a mission for you to pass on this knowledge! I think that it must not have been easy in the beginning. But what enjoyment also to see in our stunned eyes the realization that we can do it too, after a few hours of exercises; we can relieve somebody who is suffering and in confusion. It is clear that I shall still need some time of practice to feel totally at ease with Kolaimni. But when I hesitate a little, I know now that I have only to let my hand do the work , to follow where they want to go.

I succeed in doing all this Marie Hélène, in all modesty, one must remain humble in front of such acts, in front of this capacity that you taught us to do good to people, to give them faith in the future, to forget their pains. I believe that Kolaimni will bring a lot to my future and to my life, which since this moment was changed. Thanks to you. Thanks to God to have made our paths cross .  » E.F.


 » The place chosen for the Kolaimni training the Abbey aux Dames in Saintes (France) is simply perfect. The place is conducive the peace, the old stones perfectly match the state of mind of the participants, the atmosphere of the room is serene, the proportions being neither too big, nor too small.

2-The teaching and the knowledge
Marie-Hélène transmitted the knowledge she received from Mechi Garza in the most natural and crystal clear possible way. A simple and understandable approach to all, with naturelness and ease. The contents of the training is rich and dense (…….. )

Marie-Hélène does not cheat in her teaching and her sincere will to pass on the knowledge of Kolaimni to the best of her ability. Her big generosity and authenticity inspires trust and her sharing of knowledge is done in a way that is accessible and natural. She has a big heart, which makes her a high-quality teacher! I appreciated her remarkable sensibility and her joy of life, her patience and empathy.

3 the general atmosphere of the training course

A very pleasant, relaxed atmosphere, as if everybody had known each other for a long time. A common desire to share rich, soothing moments, to sharing experiences, in mutual respect. (…….. )

Thank you again for these beautiful moments and these beautiful meetings, I keep of this training course where everybody had his(her) place an excellent memory! »



Course reports regarding Kolaimni 2 Workshop Feb 2015:

This was the first Kolaimni 2 workshop that I gave in Iowa and it was just wonderful. Six students took it, two from Iowa City, three from Fairfield and one who flew in from Seattle.  Kolaimni 2 can only be taken by people who have mastered Kolaimni 1 through regular practice.DSCN3385


Kolaimni 1 is fantastic in itself but with Kolaimni 2 we went so much deeper and we learned a wide varieties of applications to help us deal with deeper emotional issues and emergencies such as cuts, muscles aches, sprains, and broken bones and more. It is always surprising how easy it is to learn these new techniques. Marie-Hélène creates an atmosphere of ease and support; we go with the flow and we move along at our own pace. There is a lot to learn but somehow it gets integrated with the focus of the group, we practice among ourselves and we help each other. I love Kolaimni, it totally resonates with my soul, it seems so familiar, I am at home with this modality of healing light and its simplicity.

I am thankful to all the students in the class, everyone brought their own skills and openness to learn more, their questions, experiences and sharing contributed to my learning and expansion. I am thankful to Marie-Hélène to have had the tenacity and the desire to put this class together.

I had an interesting shift happened to me during the weekend class. I happened to be sick with an acute gastritis and gallbladder attack and while traveling had to go to the ER the weekend prior to the class. I was kind of doing good enough to take the class and thought I would be okay since we would be doing healing and I could just quit if it turned out to be too much for me to handle. I had hardly been eating and could only eat soups at that point. On Saturday I started to feel myself shifting into health again.  Even though the attention was not at all directed to what was going on with my own physiology I started to feel better and by Sunday I ate solid food and it went down without problem, I had no pain in my gallbladder. After learning some new techniques I started to use the healing on my gallbladder and liver area where some even deeper healing started to happen. It was a miracle to me. This is for me proof of the healing power of the light, we just need to know how to use it.

Thank you M.H., Lothar, Mechi and all the students



“The second in a series of teachings that will change forever your perception of life”.

This sentence captured my eyesight as I opened my brand new manual. How amazingly true it is. I have been blessed with the opportunity to learn the Kolamni 1 course from Marie-Hélène in the summer of 2013. All the circumstances and preceding events of my life, which I omit here, pointed that it is a special present from the Universe, the guidance I had been longing for. 

The natural simplicity and effectiveness of the Kolamni amazes me every time I use it. Healing can’t be done in a more profound way than this. My trip to study the Kolamni 2 in Fairfield, IA was an amazing celestial conspiracy as well. Everything that I needed was falling into place for this trip to happen. The techniques that we learned – intuitive knowledge, can’t be obtained from just plain studying of medicine, anatomy and mechanics of how the body functions. It comes from a connection to the forces of creation.

Just imagine that you have cold or flu symptoms and you wish you could get all that mucus out or dried up, relief from watery eyes, ease the congestion in the chest or elsewhere and what you would do if you could go inside your body and just clean it up, like you clean up the mess in your house. That is exactly what your get in the Kolamni treatment, taking care of your body with high respect for the laws of its functioning, treating it is like a pure miracle and loving it as it is. Filling that container, that’s been given to you, no matter its shape and condition with infinite Love and Light. 

I am grateful for the privilege to be a transmitter of the Light of Love and gives an amazing sense of fulfillment in my life. My skepticism got a huge crack and I left the training with confidence and I believe that while the majority would consider Kolamni an esoteric healing, it is no nonsense and nothing can be more natural in helping people who suffer from physical and emotional discomfort.



Here are several testimonials from N.K. who learned to give Kolaimni about 14 months ago, she uses it very successfully for her family and sometimes for close friends as well. Here is her experience:

« My son contracted a stomach virus and came back from school with a stomach ache and a fever. I helped him to get on the couch and he curled up in pain with his knees pulled tight to his belly. The poor kid could not relax and rest.

I started to practice Kolaimni on him and started to work on his feet. After about a minute he was able to relax, stretch out on his back and in less than five minutes he was asleep! I continued and gave him a full Kolaimni. He slept for 3 hours, woke up still with a fever, had some water and went to bed. He slept soundly all night long. In the morning he was active, his temperature was normal, but his stomach was still sensitive.
By lunch time he got hungry and the next day he was back to school.

On the same week I volunteered in the school’s health room, and found out that many kids were absent, sick with the same virus. It was a bad one, quite a few kids had been throwing up, had diarrhea and missed almost a week of school. » N.K September 2014


« My mother-in-law has developed a condition that causes compression in the tissue at the back of the eye and a loss of her eyesight. As I did the first session of Kolaimni it was quite a shock when my hands lost all sensations as I moved to the problem area. It felt just like a black hole where I was urged to pour Light again and again. I did not share my experience with her just not to scare her. She was very pleased with the experience and asked for more sessions over the next week. After the second one she said that she can relax her eyes more, the unpleasant sensation has diminished and she wanted to learn how to do Kolaimni herself! » N.K August 2014


Report from the Kolaimni 1 Review and Practice Workshop on August 3-4, 2013 by S.H.

I want to thank you for the special follow up program that you recently provided.  I found the 4 hour session very helpful and you (as always!) answered all my questions clearly.  I left the session with a renewed sense of the importance and value of Kolamini both for the people I work on as well as healing for myself.  Thanks again for your time and attention.

Reports from the Redmond WA Kolaimni Training Workshop on July 13-14, 2013

Even though this workshop had just 3 students, it turned out to be a most wonderful experience. These 3 women were excellent students, they were totally focused and so we covered all the material in the book in record time. They were very dedicated and had all their homework done within less than 2 weeks. The following three testimonials are the reports they wrote exactly 11 days after their training.


Kolaimni  1 Workshop evaluation by N. K.

Kolaimni IS for everyone. That was clear throughout the training.  It is not exclusive to those who see or feel the Light, have any paranormal abilities or believe in their own healing powers. All you need is willingness to learn, discipline to follow an order and desire to apply. Believe is quite helpful, but even that is not important; you just need to focus on feelings and sensations, trust your heart. Kolaimi is a gift to people from the Universe, a way to stay connected and feel Oneness.
To me the course was highly enjoyable. I love the simplicity of the technique, clear and easy to follow instructions.  Marie-Helene answered all the questions expertly. All she said and explained left me confident that Kolaimni is safe and accessible to anyone.  The book is written in simple and easy to understand way. There is always more to the knowledge and deeper layers of experience as you work your way through, but level 1 course is sufficient to start giving Kolamni safely. I really enjoyed the distant healing session on Mechi and how joyfully she accepted our request to practice. When we shared experience after group healing on Mechi I was impressed how many similar sensations all of us felt.  In my previous learning experiences I was sent to practice on my fellow classmates or relatives, before I would try to work on other, more “precious” bodies.  But both, Mechi and Marie-Helen are confident in healing power and harmlessness of Kolaimni and it is very encouraging and trust-building.

Kolaimni  Workshop evaluation by G.P and S.P.

The course was very interesting and we feel your positive energy and enthusiasm about Kolaimni and it’s very contagious! It was a very fun and intense weekend and we learned so much that it has made a difference in how we think today.  It was very fun doing this class together as mother and daughter and learn this special and wonderful technique. We really appreciate your time and thank you so much for a great weekend! We’ll share more stories as we get more experience with Kolaimni. Thanks.

As part of the homework I was to give Kolaimni healing sessions, here are some of my experiences, by N. K.:

Kolaimni session given to N. 4-years old

My friend shared that her 4-year old boy had unexplained fever for 3 days without any other sign of cold or flu. She is not a big fun of conventional medicine and did not want to take him to doctor just yet, but tried a lot of home remedies. I suggested giving him Kolaimni and she was very open to give it a try.
The boy was resting on a coach at the moment and was not engaged in any activity. He gave me permission to start the distant healing.  As my hands moved up to his chest area, I felt the urge to stay there – the lungs, then throat, sinuses and right ear. I gave special attention to these areas and worked the chest from the back too. After I finished, I called my friend to check in and she said she did not notice any difference in his behavior, he did not fall asleep and acted as usual during the session. I told her about the areas I had to work.
Next day I called her in the afternoon and she said that his nose was running, he coughed and his fever was down significantly. She took him to doctor, no infection was found, ears were clear. Three days later she told me that his nose was clean as new and it was an unbelievably fast recovery for him.

M. 8 years old

My son complained that he felt that he was getting sick, he had achy stomach and legs, sore throat, low energy.  I gave him Kolaimni before bedtime. He loves massages and always asks for it, this was something new to him. He was awake, but very quiet while I was working the front body. I told him to close the eyes and feel the air movement and warmth of my hands and he said he felt it anyway and enjoyed it. I felt the coolness of his energy centers and warmth of the legs, belly and right side of the chest and right kidney. He fell asleep while I was working the back of the body and did not wake up after I finished and gave his good-night kiss. He slept unusually sound and long, and did not have any sign of illness in the morning.

As part of the homework I was to give Kolaimni healing sessions, here are some of my experiences, by S. P.:

I performed a Kolaimni on my sister. It was at nighttime so she was laying in her bed. She is 13 and has had a lot of trouble sleeping, however when I performed the Kolaimni she fell asleep really quickly. She mentioned how she could feel when I was pouring light into her chakras. In the morning she felt relaxed and good from the healing. During the Kolaimni, I got really hot, as usual, when I perform Kolaimni.
Also, I performed distance Kolaimni on my mom. I was focused and she was relaxed when I was giving her the treatment. She called me half an hour after mentioning that she could feel as soon as I started the treatment on her. During the Kolaimni I was focusing a lot on her hip and massaging all the light into her hip since it is severely damaged. She felt more relaxed after that and it took away some of the pain in her hip. I felt warm when I was doing the Kolaimni but I didn’t feel very many sensations.
The last Kolaimni that I managed to perform was on myself. I was laying in my bed and my neck was sore and hurt, so I performed a Kolaimni on myself. During the Kolaimni I was very relaxed and afterwards my neck felt a little better and I fell asleep quickly.

As part of the homework I was to give Kolaimni healing sessions, here are some of my experiences, by G.P.

I started out by doing a distance full Kolaimni on my husband in the evening and he fell asleep immediately. It was easy for me to perform the Kolaimni because I was focused. The next morning he went to work, however he had no comments about the Kolaimni. Later in the day when I talked with him he told me he felt extremely energized and had gotten a ton of stuff done at work.
One morning my husband woke up with a migraine which he sometimes gets. I gave him a distance partial/ pain relieving treatment for his head and neck. Usually for his migraines, it would take him a full day to recover in bed, however at one point he scared me by suddenly jumping out of bed saying that he felt so much better. He only felt a little bit of dizziness, but he was able to get out of bed and go about his usual routines.
I also performed a Kolaimni on myself, but it was only a partial treatment for my hip. I felt like it released my pain. I used the technique several times.
I performed one on both of my daughters and they did feel relaxed and could feel when I was doing the treatment.


Reports from the first French Kolaimni Training Workshop in March 2013:

Report by J-P D.following his training as a Kolaimnist on March 23 and 24, 2013, in France.

On 23 and 24 May 2013, I had the priviledge to participate in the first French training course where I learned the practice of the KOLAIMNI healing technique. This training took place in a beautiful guest house near St Andre de Cubzac, 30 km north of Bordeaux.

large              DSCN0755

Our group consisted of nine members, all highly motivated to receive this education given by Marie-Hélène Tourenne, herself was  trained by Mechi Garza, an authentic Native American medicine woman of Cherokee descent who, in 1981 channelled the teachings of the spirit of wisdom called Lothar.

DSCN0756leftDSCN0756right              DSCN0735cutcrop

Marie-Helene was taught by Mechi Garza first to practice this wonderful healing technique by the Light and then to teach it.
I have known the Tourenne family for nearly 40 years because we share an almost identical journey of spiritual research. I hold Marie-Hélène  in my heart as a highly valuable friend and knowing the excellence of her human qualities, I’m not at all surprised by the high quality of her teaching with its pedagogical simplicity, an occasionnal hint of humor, and its sensitivity so often associated with compassion.
All during this training there was  such an deep community of thought from all the participants that I became convinced that I was participating in a lifetime experience essentially programmed by nature, as if the Light, present here as divine energy, accompanied  each one of us by its presence to allow us to integrate the universal the energy of peace and healing.  Since I do not believe in chance and randomness, the reality of this feeling was all the more obvious to me: this group of participants felt like a family, a united family bathed in Love and Light.
One of the remarkable points of this teaching is also the great simplicity of the technique. It is clear that the mere fact of holding the simple desire of resonating with the Light Itself, creates a sense of peace and fulfillment. This mental state in which all effort is absent must surely be what an artist experiences when creating in a state of grace.
This knowledge is a blessing. It should be part of the daily life of every person to enable him or her to establish a state of harmony with the vital energy of life.
My experience during this course, apart from this permanent feeling of inner fulfillment, was not spectacular in its immediate results. I’ve always felt the presence of the Light but without really seing it. I just KNEW that the Light and the energy of love and healing was indeed present.
When Marie-Helene asked me to lie down for the first demonstration of a patient receiving Kolaimni, I quickly lost consciousness of the environment and fell asleep. After this experience, when I came out again, I wasn’t sur of where I was at first but then I felt inhabited by a great inner peace.
The practice of visualisation of the orange was also particularly nice. When the orange tree grew in my mind to the point of bearing fruit, I briefly yet very clearly perceived the slightly green and acidic scent characteristic of an orange. It was pretty impressive. This illustrates perfectly the power of the mind in this immaterial context .
Later on, I practiced Kolaimni on my wife. As I was working on various parts of her etheric body, I was able, at the heart chakra, to feel a kind of release of the tensions that were gathered there. And I myself felt within myself a very real sense of inner relaxation. Then, as I ended Kolaimni, I gently touched her physical shoulder to inform her that the healing was finished. However, she continued to keep her eyes closed for a long time while gently shaking her head. It lasted so long that we were all waiting in the group, until she regained consciousness. Finally, Marie-Helene told the group not to worry and that we should let her out of this state as long as necessary, even if it took one hour!. . . At this point, my wife made a sign with her hand to make it clear that all was well, she was conscious and she was about to rise. Later, she explained that during this treatment, she ended up feeling very calm, relaxed and happy, filled with a big sense of softness but in such a state of rest that it was impossible for her to open her eyes.
Towards the end of the course, when we practiced Kolaimni as a group remotely on Monique, who was in Villenave Ornon, south of Bordeaux, I saw Monique’s presence in the center of our circle. The Kolaimni seemed very fluid and full of vitality, as if the energy emanating from the circle was more powerful.
Then, when we were able to talk to Monique after the group treatment, it was really satisfying to hear how shehad felt much better after the treatment, and she said,  I quote – « as if I had found myself again, something that had not happened for a long time with all my health difficulties! « 
In the weeks that followed the course, back home, I gave several Kolaimis, one of which contained a so-called « fast » part followed by an emotional Kolaimni to a very emotionnaly fragile person who  furthermore tends to belittle herself. She called me the next day to tell me how she felt full of energy and confidence in her work the morning following the treatment. « I found myself humming all day, this had not happened to me in years! . . . « she said,  laughing on the phone.
I also gave the same Kolaimni to my sister. I felt some minor tension in the thighs. Nothing remarkable in the hips although I know of the prosthesis she wears.
But when I got to the throat chakra I felt a sense of rather high heat and especially a shade of deep pink across her throat with rapid pulsations of light. That led me to give this chakra more attention than to the rest of the body. Two days later, I called her and told her of my perceptions. About her throat, she told me that for the last few days she had been having a particularly painful throat so that she had difficulty swallowing.  Also, several years ago, she underwent removal of the thyroid – I knew that. She told me she felt better the day after Kolaimni but had also considered, on the advice of her doctor to do an ultrasound of the throat.
I also gave a Kolaimni to my wife in the evening before bedtime. She fell asleep in the middle of my work and woke up at the end of kolaimni. The next morning she woke up around 9:30 am; she told me that she had slept through the night « like a baby » and was aware of a real inner peace that made her work easier.
I also received a rmote Kolaimni from Dominique. For reasons of availability, she could only do it in the early morning. I had  had a good night sleep and was quite relaxed when it began. And yet, I fell asleep in the middle of  the Kolaimni session and only regained consciousness one and a half hour later. I did not have any particular experience but found myself filled with energy for the rest of the day and having especially more consistent thoughts with a greater focusing capacity  than usual.
This is something very important to me as my work is often disturbed by frequent blackouts and a lack of focus due to several strokes. In addition, I asked Dominique to practice as particular kolaimni procedure that we had larned to control mood swings. I think it has had a real influence for my « mental noise » and sufficiently influenced my behavior so that it became more balanced, as was noticed by my wife.
Twice, I used Kolaimni on myself to reduce pain. Once on my right shoulder and once for shooting pains in the lower legs and toes. In both cases, the result was positive, it worked faster on the shoulder.



Report written in late April 2013 by Dominique M. following her training as a Kolaimnist on March 23 and 24 2013, in France.

As I said at the beginning of the course, I enrolled out of gratitude and in order to discover a new teaching. (Note: Dominique knew the effects Kolaimni see her experience in the Testimonials section)
My gratitude however, was tinged with skepticism, not vis-à-vis the method Kolaimni but vis-à-vis myself.In spite of my doubting, listening to this new approach and paying special attention to the different exercises was enough to learn it.
I was experiencing physical pain before, during and after the course, yet, three days after the course I tried to clear my doubts by putting into practice the teaching I had received.
One morning, I was lying down with my arms along my body and I felt a pain rather acute pain in the left shoulder, so I thought, not without hesitation: « Since we have fingers of light, try this technique on the shoulder rather than on the mattress. « … and the pain was gone quite quickly.
Then, I practiced the Kolaimni method on myself four times after reading the lessons carefully. I felt better and noticed that I did not need to use so much anti-inflammatory medication anymore.
Then I gave a treatment to my husband who suffered from cervical arthritis, a kind of pain that comes and goes, that no one knows how to cure. He felt relief and it lasted a whole week.
Then I practiced Kolaimni remotely on several people.First I worked on a friend who has been suffering from a kind of allergy to sulfite since childhood. Her nasal sinus is particularly stuffed, forcing her to use many tissues to due to a constant nasal discharge. Moreover two years ago this illness caused her to lose her sense of smell. She has seen many doctors and yet no specialist has been able to cure her so far. Despite the fact that she closely monitors her food, her condition remains unchanged and so far researchers have not found a cure yet. This very positive and open-minded person readily agreed to my offer to help her with the Light.
I worked on her four times. After the second treatment she told me that discharge of her nose had decreased considerably. She said that she felt good and relaxed, that her sleep was very refreshing, and also that the rheumatic pain in her right elbow was gone but it came back later on.
After the fourth treatment, she told me she no longer felt the need to blow her nose. Of course, I will continue to give her Kolaimni treatments to try to bring back her sense of smell.
Meanwhile, I thought I would like to give a treatment to Monique (on whom we had worked as a group during the course. Her experience can be read in the Testimonials section) to confirm that I could help her by myself remotely.
Once the job done, Monique told me that she did not feel her body for the exact duration of my work: forty-five minutes. She also felt especially good during this period of « suspended time ».
Personally, not knowing which knee was in pain, I intuitively insisted on the left knee and she later confirmed that it was the sick one. In a general manner, Monique had no specific pain after the session.
Shortly before the course, I had offered help to someone else.
This is one of our acquaintances, an eighty year old lady was throughout her life has experienced great moral suffering. She is the mother of five children, one of them at the age of five  had a bad reaction to a vaccine and  became hemiplegic. Having to care for this child day and night, her other children have “turned their backs » to their mother. Over time, the illness of the hemiplegic child has greatly developed and now, at fifty-three, she is quadriplegic, disabled mentally and physically.
The mother, despite her devotion to her daughter, is quite pessimistic, undergoes a sort of chronic depression, yet is not lacking in courage. So, one day in April, I gave the mother a Kolaimni treatment as planned. I first gave her a distance basic  physical Kolaimni followed by and emotional Kolaimni. I remember insisting on his spine and « seeing » in her brain a myriad of multicolored stars, predominantly blue. Immediately after the treatment, I called the lady who told me in a self-pitying tone of voice:
« Well, I had sensations! » »yes,
 » I replied, « tell me about it. »
« I first felt a pain in my left arm, then my jaw trembled … »
« Bad start » I said to myself.
But the old lady went on, adding that about half-way through the session she felt very relaxed and had a sensation of great warmth all along her spine. At the end of the conversation, feeling that she was puzzled, I told her that she would sleep well and feel better the next day.
At the end of April, I met her at the supermarket, and her face was almost radiant, relaxed, smiling. She said: « Oh! if you knew how well I sleep! I feel better now! « That being said, the issue of her daughter remains.
So still at a distance, I gave her daughter a treatment while she sleeps in the afternoon.
I think that I practiced this work in a more intense way, with some emotion.
The next day, her mother told me that her daughter did not have any crisis or difficulty, compared to many previous days.In conclusion, I would say that the Kolaimni technique is a wonderful lesson in life: helping others we help ourselves.I can not resist quoting the great mystical philosopher Simone Weil:
« All the natural movements in man are governed by similar laws to those of materiel gravity laws. Grace being the only exception. « 


« Kolaimni Workshop Evaluation  by K.S, Feb 2013:

The class was very enlightening, I think that Marie-Hélène covered the material pretty well. The atmosphere of the class is my favorite way to learn. Friends gathering and opening our hearts to one another and pulling in the knowledge. Marie-Hélène was a wonderful presentator. I received the knowledge with an open heart and it all came together as a very profound whole awakening. The learning was easy.



« Kolaimni Workshop Evaluation  by B.N, Feb 2013:

Atmosphere:  Nice, the perfect group of people for me and I liked that we had someone on Skype to practice remote healing, this was great since I did not think I could do it. It helped me to see her. I like the small group for better attention, sharing of experiences and intimacy. Course material: The book is well-organized and easy to follow … Presentation: I liked the non-formal approach and going with what is needed to be taught at the time without being limited, following the flow, not all group learn at the same speed or in the same exact manner I would imagine.
Level of difficulty:  Perfect for me
Experiences and results:  This is a pivotal moment in my life, the time has come to start moving into my calling, which is healing, I have been refusing to do it for quite a while but it is now time to move into it and see what happens. Among many things that I have been doing on my path is that I received an initiation on February 7, 2013, an opening to my next spiritual guides. The door is slightly opening and I am peeking! Ha!   I felt strongly guided to take this class after your presentation and having a Kolaimni healing with you and reading Mechi’s book.
This class is exactly what I needed to propel me into my dharma. I was amazed how easy it is, really, and how it is already there and just need to be accessed, nurtured, practiced and developped further.
I am so excited and happy I took the class. I did not know healing others can be so blissful and exciting. I needed a shift in perception and feel the joy of healing and what I can bring to the suffering of others.
I can’t wait to see what happen next, I am looking forward to continue to play in the Light, this is where I belong and this technique is most confortable to me to further my exploration.
Thank you so much Marie-Helene. Much love and blessings.



Paul Slowick, LMT, Fairfield, Iowa

The day after taking your Kolaimni healing course, my son, who lives 300 miles away, asked me to do a distance treatment for him.  Several weeks ago he began training for a marathon run in the Spring.  He related to me that, after the treatment, he slept more soundly than he has in a while, the next day he felt more energetic and he was also surprised that his knees were not stiff and sore in the morning as they have been lately from his running.   I had paid extra attention to his feet and legs during the session.  My son wants another treatment soon!
Marie-Helene, thank you so much for your skills, insights and willingness to teach this wonderful technique.  I already have others scheduled for treatments.  Please use me as a reference in the future at any time for this great work!




S. L. Fairfield, Iowa

« Our Kolaimni level 1 weekend workshop was so powerful on so many levels.  The whole weekend I felt like I was gaining in both wisdom and experience.  Practicing was wonderful and Marie-Helene’s explanations were clear and enjoyable to learn from.
I think the biggest benefit for me was a growth in trust of God, of Life to lead me to the best place.  It’ll be a gift to be able to share this with my family and friends.
Thank you Mechi and Marie-Helene and Lothar »


Class evaluations recorded two weeks after the course from the Fairfield course participants, July 2012


N. C. Fairfield, Iowa

Taking the Kolaimni class was a great experience and a wonderful way to connect to myself and the other people in the class.  I was surprised and enjoyed how you brought Mechi in to our class*.  I thought the most valuable preparation for the Kolaimni was the hand and orange exercises. …. I really appreciated sharing the experiences of the class members.
Kolaimni is a simple way to heal yourself and others.  When healing I become a conduit for energy; without thought, decision or worry the energy becomes gentle, powerful or relaxing to correlate with every part of the one being healed.

* We called Mechi on the phone during the course and all the course participants who wished to speak with her were able to do so.


H. M. Fairfield, Iowa

1-Powerful atmosphere, the group became comfortable with each other…off to a good start. Very wise to have a follow-up meeting because practice is critical.
2- Kolaimni is the only healing technique I have learned that can be practiced on other people, so for me the big question was: « Can I do this? ». Right away I saw that there was some effect and I began to have experiences of the physical body that would be difficult to « make up ». This has grown with every session. Kolaimni has opened a door for me and I just have to keep going.
3- I have begun to feel the etheric body I am working on.


L. M. – Ayurvedic technicien, Fairfield, Iowa

Course atmosphere was lovely. Presentation was clear and well organized. I enjoyed it very much. The material covered was just what we could handle in the time we had. I look forward to additional teachings. It was easy to practice Kolaimni with guidance. My experience without the guidance of the teacher has also been easy, getting easier each time, first on my husband, then on my daughter-in-law. She felt very settled and soothed by it. My hands began to feel more graceful and full of energy, tingly. I practiced two group distance Kolaimnis, one of them was on my mother who is recovering from 33 radiation treatments that she just finished. I felt especially deep, quiet, peaceful inside while working on her. She experienced an improvement in her breathing, her sinus began to clear, also a little more energy and glimpses of improvement in tasting food.


T.P. Fairfield, Iowa

…I felt the presentation was very solid and informative. I Love the information and the hands on experience….. The Book is very easy to understand and is well layed out…. I have found Kolaimni right up my alley. It is so natural for me and easy to give…enjoyable and relaxing. I have had good results with it, both on myself and others, directly and distance. I feel comfortable when my hands do the walking…… I use it when I can’t sleep to calm and relax and smooth out my energy. One man I worked on said he felt the energy as soon as I started on his legs..like a balloon going up his legs He is a facilitator  too so I really appreciated his sharing with me. A lady I worked with had just returned very tired from a long trip and needed to go to a meeting. After Kolaimni she felt all relaxed and refreshed.


S.O. Fairfield, Iowa

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank my Kolaimni instructor, Marie-Hélène Tourenne, and her instructor, the founder of Kolaimni, Mechi Garza for this beautiful knowledge….
Having never studied a healing modality before, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I signed up for this class.
I feel deeply appreciative of how safe I felt in class, of the joy, passion, and gratitude Marie-Hélène felt for Kolaimni and for her teacher, and for the ease with which she ensured that we learned it. Organized and attentive, she made it all look easy.
Blissful sweetness, these were my feelings after receiving my first Kolaimni treatment in class.
I loved the learn-by-doing process. Even so, in spite of how smooth and safe everything felt, when it came my turn to give a treatment, I felt unnerved. My anxiety gently reassured by my instructor and my classmates, I eased into the treatment, feeling the Light and its goodness fill me. When my recipient fell asleep during the treatment, I felt something both perfect and electric, deeply affecting, yet, still and silent and non-affected. Afterwards, I felt that I did not know which I preferred: receiving Kolaimni or giving Kolaimni. Later, when my recipient said that he thought it was me who was breathing heavy and then snoring, I felt myself roar with laughter, and then, when he commented that it was the best experience he had ever had of witnessing, I felt deeply moved, grateful for the gift of the Light.
When he eventually sat up, the recipient of my very first in-person outside-of-the-classroom Kolaimni treatment said, « I feel like I could lay here all day.
It felt good. Really good »…..
I trusted the Light to heal, still, I felt a niggling part of me wonder if he would like it.  So when he began to describe how good the treatment felt, I felt especially reassured.  « It helped my sinuses », he said. « I can never lay on my back without coughing and I didn’t cough » « I felt a lot of energy coming out of my crown chakra », he continued, « That felt good. It’s always a good sign. »
I told him that my hands had felt guided to spend time on his calves, on one of his elbows. I asked if there was something going on there. He told me that his calves had been aching for the last week and that his right elbow had been bothering him. His elbow really hurt, he said, as I worked on it, but he believed that was a good thing, that is, some stress being released from the body so the body could heal. He said his elbow now felt great….
When he saw himself in a mirror, he remarked that he looked a lot brighter.
While giving the treatment, I felt comfortable, focused, deeply engaged as I allowed the Light to pass through me. I felt myself become the Light, become more fully what I’ve always been, yet, also simultaneously surrendered to the Light, a simple instrument, a pipeline. I felt keenly aware of a sense of the three of us, the giver, the recipient, the Light while also feeling a deep abiding sense of Oneness. Thought and non-thought danced together. As I worked close to his body, the Light passing through my hands seemed to choose where to linger, his calves, an elbow, the abdomen, the brain….Often I felt myself seeing right into the body. At least that is how I experienced it…. I felt fully taken up, my body, my breath, my attention, still, also, and at the same time, I felt an ease, a lightness to everything.


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