Testimonials from people who have received Kolaimni



Experiences during Kolaimni can vary depending on people. In general the recipient becomes deeply relaxed and stress evaporates, but some people can also have definite sensations. This is unrelated to the actual healing brought about by the treatment. Sensations are not what brings healing, we are all different in some ways and the experience will vary from one individual to the other. Yet I felt that you might like to know what some people had to say after a session.


When an training workshop is finished, the trainees leave with a small list of « homework », simply the practice of the Kolaimni modalities which they learnt during the course. Here are the results of the healings given by Frédérique during 2 weeks following her training course. Bravo Frédérique, beautiful work!

Here are several messages received from a person receiving Kolaimni from a group of Kolaimnists. She has bone cancer stage 4 and receives a heavy protocol that lasts roughly 10 hours each chemo session. She receives a group Kolaimni the day before and the day of her chemo sessions.

« Good evening, Marie-Helene, I am not able to open Kolaimni Healers so I would be grateful if you would pass on my thanks to everyone who supported me before and during my second course of chemotherapy. The treatment lasts from 8:30 to 17:30. All afternoon I slept during the IV. Upon arriving home I feared a violent reaction as for the first chemo session. I was prepared for the night, had dinner and still no reaction. Instead, I was in a state of comfort and wellness but tired. I went to bed at 9pm and woke up at 5:30am, had breakfast, lunch since the day before had been light and I went back to bed from 7am to 11am. Then I was able to tend to small occupations but gently as I was still tiring easily. At 4pm I went back to bed and was woken up by a call from my daughter to 6pm. and back to bed at 9pm.
I feel a lot of well being and happiness. The fatigue that forces me to lie down and sleep is not heavy, it just tells me that I have to sleep. Nothing weighing, on the contrary, a blessing for my body and my mind. I do not know if I express my feelings clearly but for me it’s wonderful. Thanks everyone and all my gratitude for these moments of peace and grace that I do not remember having ever felt this way. With all my love. Christiane. « 
Hello Marie-Hélène, I feel a lot more energy. I ate with more appetite and felt a general sense welbeing. During the healing I slept and when I woke up I thought I was in a cocoon and then more and more I felt the energy that filled me. Thank you very much this will help me a lot for tomorrow.
« Thanks to everyone who gave me a Kolaimni .
Another session that I spent in great serenity. What happiness. And back home no side effects unlike the first session (with no Kolaimni), though the protocol is always the same. I consider this cancer as a gift that was given to me to allow me to be in contact with people of great kindness and to all be united in this light and benevolent energy. A big thank you to each of you and to Mechi who have made it available to us through Marie-Helene Douet Tourenne. « C.M
Hello Marie-Hélène, before leaving on Saturday for a couple of weeks of camping I wanted to send you a note. I just got a pet-scan in the follow-up of my cancer. I have no tumor left in the liver, it had already been clear on the previous pet-scan of February 19, but also all metastasis to the bones throughout the body have disappeared and the nodule in the left lung decreased from 26mm in October 2015 to 19mm now. Although the treatment that I receive is certainly well suited, I am confident that the care you provided me there has had an influence. I can’t believe that I went from a generalized cancer to one shrinking nodule in only six months. Thank you all. You may use my testimony for Kolainmi. « 


Here are reports from the first patients of a Kolaimnist right after her training:

Patient 1:  » I had from the beginning of the Kolaimni healing the feeling that you sprayed me with light. God put you on my path, thank you from the bottom of my soul for what you have just brought me « 

Patient 2:  » My mind completely let go, I fell asleep, with a sensation of heaviness and at the same time of floating above the massage table. I do not have pain in my knee any more and I have the feeling of having released some emotional blockages « 

Patient 3: feeling of appeasement, heat in the back, irradiated by light. Feedback of the next day: slept very well, no more pains.

Patient 4: feeling of deep relaxation, fell asleep. Calmed – Fewer back pains the next day.                 saintes2015Fr

Kolaimni and Psychological Challenges

 » First of all I got in touch with Marie-Hélène without being certain that she could help me, especially at a distance. Indeed, my problem was more of psychological than physical, even if obviously it affects my physical health. But I was already convinced of the real effects and benefits brought by other techniques based on the principle of the circulation of energy in the body (acupuncture, Chinese medicine, magnetism etc.), I said to myself why not the universal energy of Kolaimni.

I was experiencing serious doubt. I had the impression to stagnate, and did not know what direction I should take any more . It was definitely a time of crisis. I am by nature an anxious person and so this situation resulted in anxiety attacks, fear, with ceaseless worrying. I explained to her that making choices had become unbearable. Choose having become synonymous to giving up, and, as I am always afraid of making the bad choice and to have a bad experience, so I doubt all the time.

We had two sessions at a two weeks interval. From the very first one I felt a real improvement. I would not know how to explain it. I do not know what happened to me, except the fact that I slept soundly during each session even tough they took place mid-morning. I still have heaps of questions, and still have no answer to them (and actually I do not really want to think of them, to get absorbed in them). But one thing is certain, it is the fact that I feel much more serene, relaxed, able to live from day to day. The chronic anxiety (often occurring in the morning as I wake up) is gone.

I think I will ask again for an additional session, from time to time, if I feel fragile, and to benefit from of this gift (both figuratively and literally) which might be inexplicable, but yet is very real. Moreover I hope one day to take a Kolaimni training course.

Thank you Marie-Hélène. »

A.P – May 2015



This testimonial is a perfect example of why we should have one Kolaimni provider in every family and why we should teach it in prenatal classes. This was a distance healing, the child in Provence (France) and me in the US (Midwest).

« On Saturday afternoon our daughter J. fell off a horse. Once on the ground she got kicked on the forehead and on the eyebrow and got another blow on the leg. Her back was covered with scratches and bruises, from her buttocks up to her shoulders, with a big blue bruise on her lumbar vertebrae.

The doctor asked for caution and for supervision because he feared a cranial trauma and explained to us that J. would suffer during  several days from body aches. Beyond that, after this fall, our little  J. who is  8 years old was afraid of her mount.

Marie-Hélène gave our daughter a Kolaimni healing during her sleep, 48 hours after the accident  and when J woke up the following morning she felt no more physical pains but also decided to go to see her mount to comfort him and explain to him that he was not responsible for the accident. The following night she received a second Kolaimni.

But the most incredible thing is that only 4 days after this accident the bruises have completely disappeared both on the back and on the forehead; the remaining scratches are very light and the blow to the forehead is almost all gone.

We owe all this to Kolaimni! Nobody who would see our daughter today could possibly imagine  how she was on Saturday evening after the accident.

Thank you Marie-Hélène because you healed her in  body, mind and spirit. Thanks to your intervention, our daughter is peaceful and looks at this event in a different perspective; she found the strength to forgive the animal and to comfort it. It is a big victory for her, being only 8 years old. So once again and wholeheartedly: THANK YOU. « 

V.HT – April 2015


This testimonial is interesting because the lady gives an account of her experience during Kolaimni sessions done at her house, being physically present, and then when she got a distance session.

My first three Kolaimni treatments were in person. They were very enjoyable. I felt a lot of energy moving through the energy centers during the session. The body became very relaxed. I felt more integrated afterwards. I felt stronger for some time afterwards. During the session, I was aware of the technician doing the treatment. I was aware of where she was working.

My 4th session was done as a distance healing. I felt the body settling down right away. The body and experience became more and more refined and inward even though the energy centers were enlivening more. My experience became very subtle, my mind stayed awake, but after half an hour, the body went to sleep. I stayed asleep for an hour and a half. When I awoke, I was alert and felt very integrated. I was very centered in myself.

For days now since the session, my blood sugar and pressure are very stable. They had not been for the week before the session. I am still feeling strong and centered. I find these sessions very beneficial.

Testimonial from M.I.A. March 2015 – Iowa


Here is the testimony from the mom of the little boy whose results I have already reported. She received 4 Kolaimnis, sometimes I gave them to her on my own, sometimes in tandem with Natalia. We synchronize our « meetings » (she, US Pacific Coast time – myself US CT – Sylvie in France). Here is her experience:

 My name is Sylvie, I just turned 30. Life did not only give me nice gifts. After moving when I was 6 years old, I had to leave all my friends and my close family. Unlike my brother, I had great difficulty adapting, my parents had to place the me in a private school, this was the year my dad died. I was 11 years old!!

From there on I gained a lot of weight until I became obese. My mother met a man whom I loved very much and who managed to stabilize me; thanks to him I regained control over my life, I studied, found work, met a wonderful man, built a house.

But once again life put me to the test; my stepfather fell seriously sick, and the weight gain resumed. But my stepfather wanted to see me thin, at ease with myself before going to the angel’s realm. So I went on a diet, I lost 20 kilos in 10 months, mission accomplished, but 4 months later he left to the angel’s realm!!!

Then the miracle of the life happens, I am pregnant , the kilos come back, my son is born with a health problem affecting his blood; concerns pile up, stress, anxiety, the problem of expressing it, solitude, incomprehension. The weight gain starts again!

Here I am again, back at the starting point with anxiety attacks at night, vagal faintness …
Marie Hélène suggested that I try Kolaimni. Having seen the miraculous results on my son who is much better since he receives Kolaimnis, I accepted at once.

1st Kolaimni Session 

To be honest, I was terrified. When Marie Hélène connected to me, I felt a sensation of lightness that moved up my body, I relaxed. When it reached the head I fell asleep, then I woke up and I felt good.

I had 1 session a week during 4 weeks, I am almost never dizzy anymore, have no anxiety attacks and no bulimia attacks.

I have a different experience with every session: more serene, I am allowed to let go, I even recovered some lost memory. Five years ago I had an accident, I had a cranial trauma with a sprain of the cervical vertebrae and partial amnesia. The amnesia affected my childhood memories. I did not remember my classmates, my teachers, my family holidays.

One night, during my sleep, I saw everything again, it all came back to me. It was wonderful!!

During the last session I cried a lot. I exteriorized. And later, a smell of incense came to console me … after that, I felt good.

Today I am more serene, happier and I have already lost 3 kilos. It is not much, but for me it is a big victory, especially since I have not gone back on a diet, but I am thinking of doing it.

I believe that this time I am going to get there, I am ready to live life to its fullest and to stop tormenting myself.

Thank you Marie Hélène and Natalia!!!

S.R. April 2015


Here is the testimony from the mother of the 2 1 / 2 years old little boy whose results I have already reported a few days ago. Natalia and I give him Kolaimni, we synchronize our times (she in PT, I in CT and the child in France). We work on him while he sleeps, he was not told a thing about us or Kolaimni, we never met him.

« My son Zachary, aged 2 ½ , suffers from the disease Minkowski-Speeder . It is a malformation of the red blood cells, which are destroyed too early, causing anemia. We detect attacks by the color of white of his eye that becomes yellow, the color of his urine, which is darker, and extreme fatigue with heavy bouts of fever at the peak of the crisis.

The only treatment known to modern medicine is the removal of the spleen. This operation is performed as a last resort when the spleen gets too large. The spleen plays a role in the immune defense of the body, which get thereby weakened. Some vaccinations and under certain conditions taking antibiotics should be considered.

A person can live all his life with this anemia if the spleen does not become saturated, simply monitoring its evolution by a manual checkup from the doctor and blood tests to check the hemoglobin level.

Following a standard checkup, our doctor found that his spleen was much enlarged, he could feel its whole length, so we had to have a new blood test.

The Kolaimni adventure starts here.

Zachary is a quiet very sociable child , he likes to share and interact with the people he meets or and those around him. His blood tests have always gone very well except the last one because the nurse missed him 6 times. Zackary has had nightmares for two months and during each visit to the doctor’s office he asked us if he was going to use the needle on him. And now we had to do it again!!!

First Kolaimni session

That night while my son was sleeping, Marie-Hélène practiced Kolaimni on him at a distance and in the morning, the day of the blood test, he woke up in great shape, he was totally up for his blood test and it went really well. He was very relaxed and enthusiastic; the nurses themselves were amazed.

For lunch my mother invited us to McDonalds to please Zackary. In the car she asked him if he had slept well and what he had dreamed of? He replied spontaneously « there was Marie and she backhoes it up, up, up, and we played, it was fun ».

The following days

The next day I took him to his nanny and on this particular morning – a miracle – he did not cry! He’s been going there for 16 months, and this is the first time he does not cry!!! A page is turned; this was over a month ago and he has never cried since.

That night I decided to show him pictures of Marie-Hélène and Natalia, he clearly identified them without ever having seen them before. I showed him Marie-Hélène’s picture and after a while I said, « You know who this is? » – « Ba, it is Marie!!! « It’s obvious!!!! He told me he recognized Natalia but he did not know her name.

The results from the blood tests came back, the anemia was stable contrarily to the doctor’s expectations due to the swelling of the spleen. His hemoglobin count should be between 11.5 and 12.9. In previous tests it was at 10.00 and on that day it was at 10.1. The doctor was pleasantly surprised.

Since his first healing Zackary is much less tired, he is also very receptive. One evening when he was a little tired he asked if Marie was coming. Another night he was playing Playmobil and he told me that his cow was sick, so , playing good vet, I picked up the first aid kit,  » no, it’s not like that !!!! « He told me. Zackary held a Playmobil above the cow, arms outstretched, and he went from foot to head, such as during a Kolaimni session ….

Another day he laid his big stuffed Mickey Mouse on his bed, because it seemed that Mickey was sick, he hurt his knee. Zackary asked me to turn the light of my phone on, so he could treat it with light … .. When I asked him why he wanted to treat it with light, the answer was clear: – « Ba! That’s how Marie does it!!! »

One evening Zackary had trouble falling asleep and at the precise time that Marie-Hélène had set up to start a Kolaimni session for him, I knew they was there because I heard Zachary say « hello you! « 

Another visit to the doctor, Zachary has received 3 Kolaimni sessions since the previous visit, the doctor palpated the spleen, and there … Surprise! He told me that his spleen had almost completely deflated. He could only feel the tip of it while three weeks ago he could feel its whole length. He could not believe it. For him it was amazing.

Thank you to Marie-Hélène and Natalia for allowing us to have this experience and for allowing my son and myself to get better. Indeed in view of these results, I asked to receive some care for myself and I am feeling better. I will share my personal experience in a few weeks.  » S.R

Update: Little Z. who is now 3 years old and whom I finally met a couple of months ago, has sent me a drawing he made of how he sees me when as he says I « come to caress him with the Light in his dreams ». Here is how he sees the whole experience (I am the person on the right)

Zachary0001 (1)


I just cannot wait to receive a full testimony of this case before sharing my experience with you. This is a very interesting case. We will get a full report from the mother of this little boy soon but I need to share this with you now. It’s too good!

January 19:

A family member asked me to give a Kolaimni to a 2 year old. I have not had the pleasure of meeting him yet but I often see pictures of him, he on the other hand has never seen a picture of me.

As this is a serious case since he is suffering from a rare disease of the blood, I asked another kolaimnist to work with me to increase the effect. As she is in Seattle, I in Iowa and the child in France, we decided of a time when the little one would be asleep, it was easier to synchronize and we started the Kolaimni at the same time.

We then communicated by phone and we both had the same experience during the treatment: the light had focused on the bones and penetrated all the way to their center, which after reflection did not surprise us, as it is the bone marrow which is responsible for the production of blood.

This morning I heard from him through his grandmother, we had the agreement of everyone to give Kolaimni but she had not told, either the mother or the little one that we were not going to give him his first Kolaimni that night. So neither the mother nor the little one knew it was going to happen.

When the grandmother asked the mother how he was doing this morning, she told him he was doing surprisingly well this morning. He had a blood test scheduled for today and since that the latest one had gone very wrong, he was very worried last night and was saying he did not want to go in the morning. In fact, this morning he went without any apprehension and everything went very well.

When his grandmother asked him if he had slept well, he said yes and that he had dreamed of ladies. When she asked him if he knew them or if he knew one of them, he responded with a yes and when she asked if he knew her name, he replied Marie. And my name is Marie Helene!

Moreover he was not tired during the day as he is usual when he gets these blood tests.

We are waiting for the results of the blood test!…..impatiently I must confess … but with such a full heart!

Thank you Kolaimni . Thank you Lothar , Thank you Mechi! How wonderful!

January 20:
Today this 2 years old little boy was shown one picture of me and was asked if he knew me. He said yes. He was then asked if he ever met me, « for real » he said no. Then he was asked if he saw me in his dream, he said yes, he was asked if he knew my name, he said Marie. He was then shown a bad picture of Natalia who worked on him with me. She is not very recognizable in that picture. He said he did not know her and said: « I don’t like it » Then he was shown a very good picture of her and when asked if he knew her he said yes. Waiting for the blood tests results tomorrow……. because even though this is awesome, what matters is RESULTS!!!!!!!

January 22
I just talked to his mother today and found out a lot I didn’t know. What he has is expected to worsen with time until his spleen has to be removed and after that he can never do sports or anything that can make him exhausted. That is kind of rough for a 2 year old! Well, the last blood test showed stable results instead of a worsening, which in itself is a win. But most of all his general behavior is much improved. About a year ago his nanny passed away and since then, he has been crying every time he is dropped off at his new nanny, that it until Monday; there has been no more crying since then. His mother said that his face used to look rather yellow and there has been a lot more pink in his complexion since he received Kolaimni. Also that his level of energy and happiness has noticeably increased. She also said that he used to never be able to cope well with change, whenever something cannot be as planned, he always cries except for this week. This week, one outing with the nanny to his favorite destination couldn’t happen because another little boy in the group was not feeling good enough, and our little one just picked another activity in a totally smooth way, no fuss, no tears. His mother said that this change in behavior is « a great relief » for everyone. I also asked her if he ever had seen a picture of me and she said that he never did and that when they mention me they use my nickname, that is why they were so surprised when he said he saw a lady in his dream the night I gave him Kolaimni and then when he saw my picture and said I was the person in his dream and my name was Marie. It is very inspiring after jut one Kolaimni. The plan is to give him one a week for one month and then evaluate the progress. I’ll keep you informed. Thank you Kolaimni, thank you Lothar, thank you Mechi!

Feb 6:
His mother told me today that he was playing with his toy cow and decided to play veterinarian. Usually he opens his medical case, first takes the stethoscope out and checks the cow’s heart. So she opened the case for him and took it out but he said: « No, not like that » Then he put his hands over the cow’s legs and said to his mother: « You start with the feet and go up to the head. » It so happens that it is EXACTLY what we do when we give Kolaimni and nobody had told him that. His mother has never even received a Kolaimni session yet.

Feb 8:
I received a video of our little one, his mother asks him: « What does Marie do when she takes care of you? » and he put his hand just above his leg and made the gesture of the strokes we do when we give him a Kolaimni. So he not only sees Natalia and I but he clearly sees what we do, he knows what it is for and tries to use it himself. Remember that he is only 2 years old.

Feb 10:
I had promised to keep you posted about the progress of this little boy, and here it is after 4 sessions within one month. The little boy had a medical examination today and the doctor could not believe  » his fingers  » because the volume of the spleen has considerably decreased, in fact, it has practically returned to its normal size! The mom did not tell him that her son receives Kolaimni and as a consequence, the doctor is puzzled because with this condition, the spleen should have continued to swell up! Bravo Kolaimni! He will have a blood test in 3 weeks. We are going to continue to give him one Kolaimni per week. To be followed….


This is a testimonial from Natalia, one of my students. We were visiting Mechi together last week and she got a cold on the inbound flight. Over the 3 days that she was there it got worse  and worse. On Sunday, I was scheduled to fly back to Iowa at 8:30 am and offered to give her a Kolaimni session while flying from Charleston to Chicago. Her flight back to Seattle being in the afternoon, she would still be resting at the hotel in the morning . So we made the appointment for 9am for a distance session. Here is her testimonial:

« Thank you, Marie-Helene for the much needed Kolaimni. Sorry, I did to get up to say good-bye to you when you left the hotel but all night long I had been sinking into deep sleep only for a very short time and waking up from discomfort again and again. When I finally got up for breakfast I was feeling miserable and was so grateful that we had made an appointment for a  Kolaimni session! My whole body was aching and my legs felt very heavy. I came back into the room around 8:30 and fell on the bed waiting for the miracle to begin. In about 15 minutes I felt a very nice sensation in my right foot as if it were becoming lighter and lighter. I intended to focus on that lovely feeling, but my body relaxed, my mind calmed down; I lost focus and smoothly transitioned into a peaceful sleep. I woke up at 9:58 and realized that a miracle had happened. I felt much-much better. At the same moment I got a text form you that you had finished to give me Kolaimni 10 minutes ago. Thank you for making it much easier for me to get home with this cold, especially with the flight delay and missed connection. »
P.S: I did start working on her right foot first…..

September 2014, WV, USA



 » A few years ago I was very fortunate to receive Kolaimni during a day off on the Gulf of Morbihan on an island called Houat. Jumping off the boat  my right foot landed on a fish called Weever. It is a fish that hides slightly under the surface of the sand , it is difficult to avoid. Following the sting of the fish I felt an unbearable burning pain. My cousin Marie-Hélène being among us with her husband and children immediately practiced Kolaimni. Fortunately she was present because I was gone for six hours of sustained suffering. The sharp sting is known to last the length of time of the tide ie for 6 hours. I was quickly relieved and I got to spend a pleasant day on this beautiful island of Houat.
But the benefits of Kolaimni do not stop here as it is often as I seek my cousin for her help.
Lately I have been very tired and I have developed a self – immune hepatitis, loss of sleep etc … Even from Iowa …! It works!
Kolaimni is a very beautiful and excellent care method either from a distance or in person. Thank you to Kolaimni and those who practice it. « 

M.D. August 2014 – BRITTANY – FRANCE


Marie Helène is a very reliable and solid facilitator of divine healing light.

She worked thoroughly on my energy field envelopping me in a mantle of light. Even though she worked at a distance, we were so connected…The air in my room calmed down and the atmosphere became very quiet, almost sacred. I felt her gentle movements over my etheric field and how the light was flowing better until I felt totally embraced by the light. I had been quite tired through the day and felt revitalised re-energized in a very balanced way. My lower back felt much better after this session and the sensations coming through the light lasted during the night and the following days… It is a beautiful and gentle art. Thank you so much for sharing it with the world!

B. M, Spain. – May 2014


Testimony of a person who received distance Kolaimni for rheumatic pains :

 The distance Kolaimni sessions I received from Marie-Hélène in Saint -Pierre and Miquelon were very beneficial to me.

I had a lot of rheumatism throughout the right side of my body especially from shoulder to foot. This pain was even more painful at night, and it forced me to take anti-inflammatory medication for relief. At times the pain was very intense and unbearable.

The Kolaimni sessions were for me a great support and a necessary step to my healing. During the first session, I felt tingling especially in the shoulder and a great heaviness, I also had a sore wrist and very cold sensation in one hand, I think I also have had poor circulation. The next day, I had much less pain in the wrist but also in the lower body.

After 7 sessions, I have no more pain in the leg at all nor in the rest of my body. Before, I had so much pain that I had to change position in bed several times during the night. Today, it does not wake me up any more and I do not even need to take medication. I also benefited from these sessions in that Marie- Hélène gave me a little boost psychologically, that did ??me a lot of good.

All I can say  today is that I do not have any more pain and that Marie- Hélène gave me a lot of attention and comfort for my well being. I can say that this technique works and that Kolaimni is sensational.

Thank you Marie- Hélène with all my heart , thanks to you I feel great! Affectionately

F.Q – February 2014


I used to live on a farm and do a lot with my hands, birthing sheep, detasseling, scrubbing and always using my hands. For the last 30 years, I have suffered from an on going « pins and needles – tingling – falling asleep » type of feeling in my right arm going from the shoulder all the way to the hand. Unfortunately I am right handed so it made my daily activities uncomfortable. I always had to massage and rub my arm and hand. Ten months ago, I received one Kolaimni session from Marie-Hélène and this problem simply disapeared in a few weeks.

P.A.L. Sept 2013


Testimonial from of a person who has been getting distance  Kolaimni sessions to accelerate stagnating healing following surgery .

« The Kolaimni sessions I received were a great support to me, both in terms of my pain and my moral and psychological confort. These sessions provided by Marie- Hélène were a necessary step in my healing. They allowed me to manage my pain when it was very intense and immobilized me to the point of not being able to get up from the couch.

I also started to recover from surgery much more quickly once I started getting Kolaimni sessions. One month after surgery the post-operative pain had improved but the pain in the groin prevented me from sitting more than 15 minutes because of a very intense burning sensation.

I could only walk with the aid of one or two crutches. The only exercise that I was able of was to climb stairs (with difficulty).

After three sessions my ankle was better, the pain became bearable and less intense than before the beginning of the sessions. I was able to go to the supermarket (about 15 minutes). I drove for 10 minutes without more pain at night. I barely touched the crutches on that day except at the supermarket. I have almost completely eliminated the use of anti-inflammatory medication. I was able to sit for 5 hours instead of 30 minutes.

After the 4th session I even mowed the lawn for 15 minutes!

With all my heart, I thank you, and I must say that although I was a little reserved at the beginning concerning the benefits of this technique, I am now convinced of its results. « 

Laurie, France – August 2013


 Testimonial from a lady who has very severe hip pain and receives distance Kolaimni sessions.

« I was sitting at the dinner table at the time when you were starting the treatment. We had finish dinner early because of the appointment I had with you. My daughter and I were chatting. When you started the treatment I felt it right away. Lots of energy in my hips and stomach and it was very intense! After 1/2 an hour I was so exhausted that I had to go and lay down. It suddenly hit me but it was a pleasant feeling. My body was processing the treatment for several hours so I kept resting. I was still tired early in the evening so I went to bed. I had a good night sleep. Next morning I felt different. Relieved from some of that pain that is constantly bugging me. Also I noticed that my hips and pelvic area were much more relaxed and that my pelvic was in a different and more natural position. I’m pretty sure this would be something that a physical therapist could measure. Before and after results. Best of all I felt more internal peace. That was a wonderful experience! Thank you, Marie-Helene!

The morning after the Kolaimni, I felt energized. I started a big cleaning project in my garage. I had so much inner peace that I didn’t even care about all the huge spiders crawling around in all that old stuff. When my kids came home from school they were like « Wow mommy, you did all that?!! »

Kolaimni is wonderful! The only problem that I have is how do I explain this to my doctor? « Thanks doctor, I’m feeling better now because of a friend in Iowa is healing me ». She will think that I’m nuts…… but I don’t care because I know it works 🙂 »

G.P. Denmark, Sept 2013


I have been suffering from varicose veins for the last 10 years creating heaviness and pain in my legs.
After my first Kolaimni session my legs felt so light, the pain was gone and walking was so much easier. I did two more sessions and none of the symptoms have come back.
Thank you so much Marie-Helene
Kunti, Iowa, March 2013



I am a person who experieces great anxiety, I am deeply subjected to constant stress in my life and very unsure of myself.

Moreover, I am also crippled by variou s physical pains. Years of conventional medicine brought me no significant results, I ended up choosing a gentler kind of medicine, which actually did bring an improvement but did nothing to nothing to relieve me from the ill-ease that still persisted in me.

I had heard of different methods of health improvement, mostly very denigrated by the conventional medical community. Without rejecting them, I held them with some skepticism.

My brother-in-law suggested that I attend a presentation on one of these methods called Kolaimni « an ancient energy healing technique that uses the very own energy fields of the body to help heal others, the Light, the ‘Universal Energy that can be called God, or the Totality « I decided to learn more about it.

I did and I met Marie-Hélène Tourenne, dynamic and sweet at the same time, she is a woman whose presence and charisma captivated me immediately.Her explanations of this technique, the presentation of the benefits and testimonials made me decide to give it a try, despite the fact that I could not understand the principle of remote care.So this is how I made the decision to receive a Kolaimni treatment from Marie-Helene for the first time and we made an appointment .

It was agreed that Marie-Hélène would begin the healing at 10:15pm. By 10pm, I was lying on my bed, calm and relaxed. After a moment, I felt that something was happening to me, and a little later I started to cry, I could not stop. I cried and cried and sobbed. It was something new to me, and then I fell asleep. . .

The next day I felt better, more serene, had less pain and yet I still wondered, doubted. Was it real or just mental images made up by my brain?

Two days later, Marie-Hélène phoned me to ask me how I felt. Then she told me that she had identified a psychological difficulty which was ruining my life and it is the emotional component that I need to fix in my life. She told me that she had found physical pain in my right knee, a bruised muscle in a specific place of the left leg and the fact that one of my kidneys was working weakly. This is where my doubts vanished because the problem of my right knee is the result of surgery that was done on my right foot, this damaged muscle has always bothered me since my childhood as a result of a bike fall. Finally for several years now, I have been well aware of my kidney problem. All these points Marie-Helene could not know because I had never discussed them with her. I feel better today, more calm and relaxed, better able to manage the risks of everyday life.

This technique is really amazing! I am well aware that it is not made to get rid of daily worries as by magic but to simply help manage them.

An Kolaimni training is planned for late March to learn to practice the Kolaimni techniqueand thus be able provide care for oneself, family and friends. I registered.

M.L. Bordeaux, France – February 7, 2013


When I was 20 years old, I had a very severe head on car accident. As a result I was in coma for 10 days, I had multiple fractures and visceral lesions and the left side of the body was greatly damaged. Surgery was successfully performed but it left me with major life long sequelae as the head of the humerus was torn off and tendons were damaged.
In 2000, I was 52 and an osteotomy of the left leg had to be performed. In 2006, a partial prosthesis of the left knee was also done as well as a full prostheses of the left hip. Yet the knee caused constant sharp pain in the groin and an  iliopsoas tenotomy was performed in 2008. Despite all these procedures, the pain was dull, deep and constant, I was on pain medicine and could not walk without using two canes.
On August 10, 2012 I received Kolaimni for the first time. I live in France and all my treatments have been distance sessions.
For my first session I lied in bed  at the time that Marie-Hélène and I had agreed upon and I just let go with no expectation as instructed. I very clearly felt different sensations throughout my body especially where there was damage. My body felt as surrounded by a kind of gentle softness and I fell asleep. Then I abruptly woke up and looked at the time, it was 10h45pm. When talked to  Marie-Hélène the next day and I asked her at what time she finished she told me she had stopped at 3:45pm (10h45 pm French time).
On that day I understood and concretely experienced that we are truly ONE. I had only slept four hours that night and woke up feeling regenerated.
One week later I had a second session and my experience was very similar to that of the first session. Yet there was a big difference when I woke up the next morning for there was no more pain in the groin. I could walk without cane. I was so happy that I took a 3 km hike that very day without cane. My muscles were sore for the next three days but the pain in the groin did not come back. To this day, five months later,  I have not had any more pain in the groin and I have not needed to use my canes any more.
Marie-Hélène is going to teach Kolaimni in France this spring and I definitely want to learn it.
DD – Jan 27, 2013


Here are session after session the minutes of MM from Bordeaux (France):
  After the October 16, 2012 session
So last night, at 21 h 00 as agreed I was lying in my bed, quiet, and very quickly, maybe within 2 or 3 minutes I lost track of my body, while (still) very conscious,  feeling great, and then quickly again, I had no sensation at all, nothing, maybe I fell asleep, or my mind « stopped working »…. anyhow, when I got « back » and opened one eye to check the time, to my amazement  1 h 15mn had gone by!
I was still motionless arms under the cover, almost impossible to move and I felt a great power with a kind of « boiling » heat in my body, but not the head or the face, primarily the hands and feet and it took about half an hour before my hands returned to their normal temperature, usually I never have warm hands (or feet) their temperature is rather more on the cool side .
It was therefore 22 h 45 and I still found myself kind of  « numb » but with a subtle feeling that enveloped me with warmth, I would say « full of love », it was a very  warm feeling that lasted a very long time.
I woke up with difficulty, staggering a little, because the experience had been very strong.
Currently, I find that the intensity of tinnitus was slightly decreased.
The left foot which is very slowly improving this morning works with more flexibility and it is very encouraging to get more easily into shoes ..
That’s where I am …. totally delighted, thrilled and at a loss for words to thank you.
  After the October 21, 2012 session
Review of the week;
Monday 22: no problem
Tuesday 23: three bearable pain attacks during the day
Wednesday 24: no problem
Thursday 25: no problem
Friday 26: no problem
SATURDAY 27: Yesterday was the « hard day of the week. » Indeed, every week there is a very painful day, it starts in the middle of the day. Yesterday it was at 1pm hours and lasted up to 6pm. It is like a « series » of VERY INTENSE burning sensations for 3 to 5 minutes (that is long), then the burn disappears for a while, 10 to 15 minutes, and comes back again without stopping! It is long to bear for about 5 hours!
Sunday 28 (today): no problem
It is amazing that during these seven days there were only two days with burn attacks! So I had five days of peace! This is all new to me because it was quite the opposite so far!
After the November 5, 2012 session
My knee,  is definitely improving, the infamous weekly unpredictable when the knee acts up repeatedly for several hours, occurred yesterday, Sunday, but for the first time there has been a real  « improvement » since the duration of the « burning attacks » is significantly shortened, instead of 5 minutes, it only lasted 2 minutes at most, and a much lower intensity.
THANK KOLAIMNI and Marie-Hélène! This is clearly encouraging.


After reporting many spinal problems to Marie-Helene, she offered to give me distance Kolaimni healing sessions.
So we made an appointment three Tuesday nights in a row.
During the first session, Marie-Hélène had identified not only these back concerns , but also different things that I had not mentioned to her:  sinus pain on the right side,  abdominal dysfunctions, muscle contractions (cramps) in one leg, and, also, and perhaps most importantly, an extremely difficult emotional transition , mainly due to old pains and sorrow not yet grieved.
She was able to describe all these things and feelings that amazingly corresponded to sensations  that I  had at specific stages of the treatment. After fifteen minutes or 20 minutes of this first session, I dozed off for about 45mn, then I woke up, without knowing that Marie-Helene had precisely ended the session at that time. My back was far less painful during the following days.
During the second  Kolaimni session I had some strong palpitations along with a lot of  thoughts, it was a rather unusual and unsettled state. I felt different physical things (very strong pressure on the forehead, abdominal and lumbar discomfort, and also a fast  heart beat). After an hour, I suddenly fell asleep until morning. The next day, I felt calm physically and mentally. I spoke with Marie-Helene on the phone the next day, and again she could identify almost everything I had felt at the precise time I had experienced it. In the following days,  the effects of the treatment were very clear on the emotional level: reassurance on various nodes of suffering, easier acceptance of events, bereavement and loss,  « lighter » days.
During the third session, I was very relaxed during the first 45mn, after which I fell asleep. During the time I was awake, I felt a little as if I were « floating » with a sense of acceptance and kindness towards people who are or have been part of my life, and towards myself and life itself, it was sweet and pleasant. I woke up after two hours with cramps in the legs, as I often have, probably in connection with recurring sciatic inflammation. I went back to sleep more spontaneously than usual and woke up late after an  unusually good night sleep. After these three sessions I clearly have a feeling of relief that appeases my « body and soul » on a daily basis ,  I have greater energy, clearer ideas, less physical pain.
Being somewhat of a skeptical nature, I only trust what I can experience directly for myself. Having received this Kolaimni technique  in my body and my whole being, I am convinced of its effectiveness and the real benefits it can bring on all fronts, I’m really happy that Marie-Helene offered me this treatment and I thank her!
Doumé – Nantes – France
August 1st 2012


A big thank you to Marie-Helene! I was going through a particularly stressful period and, by executing a movement altogether banal, I felt a sharp pain in my lower back. This pain settled and handicapped me in my activities and my sleep.
Marie-Helene offered to help me remotely. At the time agreed between us that night, I lay down at home and went through an exercise of receptive relaxation. I then felt in the foot and leg some discomfort and then some appeasement. I fell asleep. The next morning my pain was greatly diminished. During the day, Marie-Helene intervened again remotely, relieving me completely from this pain .
April 2012
Jean-Marie (Troyes) France


Ten years ago we met Mr and Mrs TOURENNE at our vineyard. Immediately they took a liking to my father and became friends over time. At each of their visits to France they came to see us in our beautiful Catalonia! Unfortunately in 2008 my father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and from there on it was the descent into hell. His illness was irreversible, and Marie-Helene and her husband Christian were always there to support and comfort my family with the right words, it was an unshakeable friendship!
In late 2008 my father was declining day by day. He was bedridden in a hospital bed, unable to move, only keeping his voice and his strong mind! The nurses took turns day and night to assist him in his pain and one day his intestines got blocked, nothing worked, a month of constipation and miraculously one night the phone rang, it was Marie-Hélène,  living on the other end of the world, who by her words, her kindness, we cheering us up, as the discussion moved along I explain what was happening to my father and  this wonderful lady told me: « don’t worry, a native American elder taught me something, I should be able to help.  » From a distance, Marie-Hélène practiced what she had been taught and told me that my father should get better. She accurately described the obstruction in the intestines, she told me that it was  black and it looks like pieces of coal! I left my father and the next morning the miracle happened, his bowels moved again and what Marie-Hélène had said the day before proved accurate, coal-black sediment  blocked the transit! By her action the day before, Marie-Hélène had relieved the pain. This little woman is extraordinary, she is a great woman in her humility and knowledge and a very good person with a huge heart ! 
Claude OLIVER Château Du MAS 66300 TROUILLAS


For years I have suffered from leg cramps but since receiving Marie-Hélène’s treatment, the cramps have completely disappeared. This came as a wonderful surprise especially since it was done at distance (I am in Canada).
I also suffer from a thyroid condition and after only 3 treatments, I feel much better.
Much thanks to Marie-Hélène and her healing knowledge.
AR, Quebec, Canada


For as long as I can remember, my head has felt unpleasantly hotter than the rest of my body, which could be quite uncomfortable in hot weather and would also negatively affect my mood and emotions. After just one distance session with Marie-Helene, a lot of that excess heat has vanished and my head temperature has been feeling a lot more pleasant. 
W.B. Canada
Treatment received in November 2011, testimonial written on June 2, 2012


Dear Marie-Helene,
When I saw you I needed attention for my neck. But that was a physical reference which is easier to propose than a spiritual need. I also brought along a photo of my father, who passed away in April. I was very challenged to get past the grief and carry on normally with work, family..and life. This was by far my greatest challenge.
Immediately when I walked about after our session I felt lighter and moved more easily. I left Fairfield for my home in Wisconsin the next day. I was feeling a remarkable change. At first was unsure what to make of it. Was it just a good day or nice weather? It took just a short time for me to recognize that a huge, permanent transition had taken place. Thanks to my Lord Jesus, though Whom all good things come, that heavy cloak of grief was lifted from me!
I had been praying for some time to be freed from this grief. Two days before I saw you I knelt before Jesus in the tabernacle at St. Mary of the Visitation Church in Ottumwa just two days before. Praise be to Mary and her Son Jesus who answered my prayers through the vehicle of your ministry!
When I told my mother a few weeks later about this healing – how and when it happened, she said she knew I had been healed from the sound of my voice as I called her from the road on the drive home.
I just wanted to thank you and let you know the results of your work.
Thanks again for your service.
P.S. My neck is comfortable and in the best condition I’ve experienced in about 10 years! Thanks again!
May 2011 – B.B., Wisconsin


I had my first Kolaimni distance session today with Marie-Hélène. A sense of warmth enveloped me throughout the session and stayed with me all day. I felt refreshed and invigorated, as if awakening from a deep sleep. The normal anxiety of my day was gone, replaced with what I can only describe as “luxurious peace.” I am looking forward to having more Kolaimni sessions with her in the future.
October 11, 2011—J.R., Saint Paul, MN


Marie-Hélène has conducted a number of Kolaimni distance sessions on my daughter. Our daughter has a number of serious physical and developmental conditions, and she has truly benefited from Marie-Hélène’s intuitive touch. Without any prior knowledge of certain specific physical issues that my daughter has, Marie-Hélène was able to identify these issues and start the healing process. Marie-Hélène has helped us to identify what our daughter needs, and she has been an invaluable part of our daughter’s health and comfort. Marie-Hélène and her Kolaimni distance sessions have benefitted our entire family’s well-being and happiness.
October 10, 2011—J.R., Saint Paul, MN


I have just had my third session of Kolaimni with Marie-Hélène.  Afterwards I went for a walk in the park.  I got out of my car and immediately felt that the whole world had become a golden light that was embracing me.  Walking along, I noticed that my posture seemed different, straighter somehow and more balanced.  My whole body felt more anchored to the earth.  Yet lighter too.  There is a gentleness about Kolaimni that I’ve not experienced with other forms of healing.  That gentleness goes in deep and stays. 
When I had my first session 3 weeks ago, an important relationship had recently been ended by the man.  I didn’t mention this to Marie-Hélène.  Nonetheless, afterwards I felt the most extreme peacefulness I have felt in a very long time, if indeed ever!  And, the physical attachment to him, which had become very strong, was completely gone!  In speaking to me afterwards, Marie-Hélène mentioned that someone with a broken heart  had recently been helped tremendously by Kolaimni.  These words stayed with me and later at home, I sent her an email telling her about the ending of the relationship.
So in my second session, after the regular healing, Marie-Hélène also did a special healing for my heart.  At the end of this session, I felt so overwhelmed with gratitude, I started crying!  Again, I was filled with a profound peacefulness.  And this peacefulness stayed with me.  It has allowed me to navigate the end of this relationship with peace and love and gratitude.S. L., Iowa, 
Wednesday, October 5, 2011


“Walking away from the Kolaimni session with Marie-Hélène was, in my own words « Coming home. » The healing rekindled a kind of innocent awareness of my physiology, supplying me with more core energy than I can remember. During the treatment a feeling dawned over me, a certain familiarity that had been absent since I was young. My carpal tunnel in my left wrist/elbow vanished, and I could feel the constriction around my heart diminish. Marie-Hélne was in her element throughout. Her elated yet relaxed demeanor helped the process run fluidly and pleasurably. I eagerly anticipate having more Kolaimni work done in the future.”
June 20, 2011 by P. M. Fairfield, Ia


 » During the treatment it felt very quiet inside, I was quite aware of the different feelings of the body.
The words that came to me at the end of the session were: to be turned inside out, a texture of life rich and touching, there was tenderness. »
July 2011, M.B. Minneapolis, MN


“Beautiful healing facilitation at the pioneer level. Exceptionally intuitive and caring, and truly goes above and beyond in her treatment sessions.”
May 25, 2011 by T. K.  Fairfield, Ia


« The session with Marie-Hélène was simple and profound. It brought me to a deeper level of awareness where I could gain knowledge from within about the deeper cause of the condition she was treating. I felt refreshed and actually exalted. »
February 2011, by J.O.  Fairfield, Ia


« Yesterday I had a distance Kolaimni session with Marie-Hélène, she was in the U.S., I was in central France. I lied down at 9p.m. since we had planned that she would give me the treatment then.
After a little while I felt that something was happening in my body. It felt like something was diffusing through my body, bringing a sense of well-being, removing anxiety. I felt full of energy, as if filled with light, floating on a little cloud. Within a few minutes, I felt rejuvenated by several years….This morning, I noticed that my usual state of anxiety is gone as well as a pain in the joint of the left ring finger. »
S.D. July 28 2011, France


This lady received 6 sessions all together over a period of six months – 01/2011 to 07/2011 –  for three different conditions. Here is her testimonial:
1. After the very first session I had, I felt comfortable in my body in a way I have rarely experienced in this lifetime – my body has almost always been uncomfortable, if not actually painful – so this was a wonderful and welcome result.
2. After I had a minor car accident, my whole physiology was like all the nerves were firing at once, or as if I had been up all night drinking coffee. A session with you, and I was back to normal, thankfully!
3. A few years ago I had both knees replaced. Before that, it was painful to stand or walk. The surgeon said not only were the knee joints bone on bone, but the bone was pitted and damaged. Since the surgery I can stand and walk without pain, but the tissue around the knees has remained swollen and sore to the touch. After twice a week sessions for two weeks focusing on the knees, the soreness is gone!
So my deepest gratitude, Marie-Hélène!
From G.P. Fairfield, Iowa, USA.


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