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Kolaimni Presentation by Marie-Hélène Tourenne

Kolaimni Interview by Marie-Hélène Tourenne and Leslie Hollis

Kolaimni Interview on Natural Choice Network in Seattle

Interview of Marie-Hélène Tourenne on Happy View


Videos by Mechi Garza

House Blessing

Death Anointing

Intro to Healing with Kolaimni


About Mechi

Childhood Story Part 1

Childhood Story Part 2

Childhood Story Part 3

Childhood Story Part 4

Metis – Of Mixed Blood, A biography of Mechi Garza by Barbara Cook


Episodes of Blooming in the Light by Marie-Hélène Tourenne on ITunes

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These include Kolaimni related Topics such as:

Welcome to Blooming in the Light, Let’s get acquainted

Kolaimni Healing Technique Presentation

 Kolaimni Healing Technique and Public Health

The Value of Visualization, Meditation and Breathing Exercise

Kolaimni Techniques with Mechi, Founder of Kolaimni

Learning to work with the Light

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 Books by Mechi Garza available on line

The Gaia Connection, Jan 12, 2006 by Mechi Garza